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Suzuki SV650S as commuter / track-day bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by duncan_bayne, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm starting a new job late August, and the location isn't convenient to a train station.

    So, I'll be selling my Mito 125 and buying a low-km SV650S (1st generation), the idea being that the SV will make a better commuter but still be fun for track days.

    (I did do some research into a mid-90s Ducati 900SS for the same role, but despite the visual and aural beauty, several issues (poor exhaust system clearance, tendency to warp discs, frame cracking, slow steering) have put me off those. SS owners, please feel free to step in here :) )

    I have a few questions if any SV owners would be kind enough to answer them :)

    Firstly, how does a stock SV go on the track - if you've had one at Broadford what sort of times were you achieving? My best on the Mito is 1:19 (if my smartphone-based GPS timer is to be believed) so I'd be hoping for a fair improvement from an extra 40-odd HP.

    Secondly, if I did want to make some improvements, what would you recommend? If I do, I was thinking (in order): air filter, braided lines, rebuilt forks, aftermarket shock, new end can (more for sound than anything else :) ).

    Last, are you happy with your SV? Do you get a grin riding it (like I do with the Mito - makes me feel like Wayne Rainey when I'm just popping down to the shops) or do you feel like it's a 'sensible' bike?

    Thanks for any advice & feedback ...
  2. The mito is quite a bit lighter but having said that the SV is a good choice for a trackbike as it is cheap and predictable. I had the 1000S and it was perfectly reliable but a bit weak on the suspension. I have heard the 650 is better there but it is always where you should be spending money first for the track.