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Suzuki SV650s 2008

Discussion in 'Archived' started by citymorgue2, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. SOLD

    Due to unrelated injuries im reluctantly selling this bike for a cruiser.

    Great V-Twin bike for beginners (not LAMS approved) and intermediate riders. Im 6ft and 110kg and this bike handles like a dream and has plenty of power across the range.

    Always kept undercover and is as new, never dropped. The bike has been assessed for a roadworthy and passed. A new one will be supplied to the purchaser.

    27,421 kms
    - yoshi exhaust fitted
    - michelin pilot tires.
    - ventura rack and large pack.

    The yoshi has some scratches on it, but its come off a differant bike that had been dropped (I bought it off another rider). But its in perfect working order, roadworthy and sounds great.

    Comes with service manual etc and extras:
    - spare battery
    - stock exhaust
    - spare rear tyre
    - oxford heavy duty chain and lock
    - bike cover.

    Its a Dec 2008 bike so is usually classified as a 2009 model. Its insured with QBE as a 2009.

    Anyone wishing to check out the bike will need to bring ample proof of identity and leave an ample deposit if you want to take a test ride.

    $5500. This is well within redbook price range for this bike which is $6800-$8100. However Im open to sensible offers

    Bike is in Ringwood (3134). PM me



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  2. ive been asked via PM what my injuries are and what the affect is on riding the bike.

    I binned a dirtbike months ago and wrecked my left knee and ankle. Ive got permenant damage to the knee and the seating position on a sports bike just kills me, Any bending of the knee for a period of time is very painful. So sitting on any bike except a cruiser is going to be hard for me. hence the sale. the seating position on the bike isnt overly 'sports like', as it can be on other sports bikes. So its not going to be an issue for whoever buys the bike.

    Its a great bike and Id be keeping it until it dropped dead if I had my way.

    Im open to sensible offers.
  3. i want to sell this before i buy the cruiser, so ill drop the price
    $6800 incl RWC
  4. Shame bout you're injuries mate. Got the older version, awesome bikes. Considerig getting a dirty myself, good luck with the sale!
  5. i now need to sell this before I can buy the cruiser. so I will drop price to $6500 (incl roadworthy)

    surely someone knows someone else that wants to upgrade to the awsomeness that is the SV650s
  6. a few nibbles but no bites. still for sale and must be sold.

    theres at least $600 of extras im throwing in here (pack and rack are almost $400 alone).
  7. Hmm, .... will go and have a sit on one in the dealer then see what I think....
  8. myoda

    Ive got a guy coming to look at it tomorrow. if your at all interested let me know
  9. guy came over and was tyre kicking i recon. so i didnt offer him this price

    $6000 incl RWC. i want to sell this so as ive found the cruiser i want to buy
  10. Free bump.

    Would like to buy something like this, just don't have what you want for it...
  11. how much you got to spend. i could do less without rack/pack
  12. $5400 or less with no rack etc
  13. Pretty well priced! Just out of curiosity, how high are these to sayyyyy a CB 400!? My old lady is on the ninja 250 quite comfortably but is looking to upgrade in the near future. I think these are great bikes, just seem like it would be a bit tall for her.

  14. ive never sat on the 400, but i park next to one sometimes at tafe (only there a day a week)

    looks pretty similar... i have absolutely no probs standing on mine, im just short of 6 foot though. i dont reckon they are a very tall bike, but i could be very wrong!
  15. they arent a tall bike. Im 6ft and wouldnt want to be any taller. Besides u can buy dog bones to adjust height. This is pretty short. Im sure she'd be right. plenty
    Of lady sv riders round
  16. Hmm thanks for that peeps. Well when she sells hers I guess she'll be looking at these too!! Good luck with the sale.
  17. Sold. Thanks for ur interest
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