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suzuki sv650 vs honda cb600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kyan, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Can I please get some feedback on these two bikes. Recommendations on which one is better, why etc?

    I am looking at a 99 model cb600 and a 2003 model sv650...

  2. Chalk and Cheese.

    Both great bikes but the fundamentle difference is that one is a V-Twin and one's an in line 4 cylinder.

    It all comes down to personal choice. I own a V-Twin because I like the low end torque and the sound etc,. Having said that the few 4 cyl bikes I've ridden are incredibly smooth.

    Maybe if you explain what kind of riding you do and what you want from a bike you'll get some more specific advice.

    If you're buying soley on price, then you've answered your own question. One is 4 years newer than the other.
  3. Which one is 'better' ? :p What are you going to be using it for? How much riding experience? Do you prefer i4 or v2?

    I bought myself an 02 sv650s recently. I haven't ridden it a whole lot yet, but I'll give as much feedback as I can based on what other owners have said about them.

    The main differences
    - SV is has a sportier riding position
    - SV has its power concentrated on low/medium rpm, gruntier around town
    - Obviously the fairing on the sv would be better for freeways, although the cb is more upright
    - CB is a bit cheaper to insure
    - The 03 sv has fuel injection, to my knowledge the '99 cb600 is on carbs still?
    - Cb is honda, so wins in terms of build quality
    - In terms of available parts/after market stuff, both have pretty big followings, but I think the sv would have more stuff available for it as its used as a cheap race bike in the UK, so alot of cool mods are around
    - The cb has more power, and so probably somewhat faster once you wind it up a bit

    Both are good bikes though, and both somewhat of an all rounder. If you're more focused on twisties, I'd go the SV though, for the sportier position and parts.

    I'd go read a bunch of reviews, then go test ride both.

    edit: I just realised you said sv650, not sv650s :) So ignore what I said about the sv being sportier.
  4. The Hornet 6 is an incredibly friendly and capable bike that can turn anyone into a bit of a hooligan. Its engine revs forever, to something like 16K RPM, and it makes about 80hp, which is more than the SV puts out.

    The SV has more power from tickover, but runs out of revs annoyingly quickly if you're used to a 4-cylinder bike. It also has a reputation as an easy bike to ride, but I'd say the Hornet has its measure there.

    If you can find a Hornet in good condition, go for it - two thumbs up from me. They're like a bigger, revvier, more evil version of the VTR250.
  5. So you've never heard of the Hornet Cup, a class specifically made for the Hornet 600 that runs in the UK then? :)

    Trust me - there are BUCKETLOADS of mods for a Hornet 600. I just wish I could afford them all....

    with a K&N air filter & after marker exhaust, while running on old crappy oil & fuel after not being ridden for 12 months, mine got 84.71 at the back wheel. I have no doubt that now it's been serviced & cleaned out thoroughly it's actually a little more. Have to get that dynojet stage 1 kit fitted.....

    I actually looked at the SV650 as a possible bike choice, but didn't like the footpeg position - just felt really uncomfortable.

    Go the Honda!
  6. Nope. So it mustn't be very important :p I wasn't aware of it though, good to know.
  7. Choose SV if you like V-twins. If not, choose Hornet.

    Oh, btw, inline-4 has no soul. Not that I hate inline-4s . . . but I like me V-twins very much.
  8. LMAO - good comeback mate!
  9. +1 that SV650 has great low end torque.

    I'm very happy with mine, and I commute on it almost daily. The low end torque is great in traffic especially. I like the sound of v-twins, so the SV is perfect. I also think it’s very good looking :grin:

    I was very tempted by a Hornet 6 myself, and from what I heard, it's indeed a very capable hoon bike. There's a yellow one on sale on the Bike Sales section - you should check it out. It's tastefully modified, priced well, and I almost bought it if not for the fact that it's in Victoria.
  10. One is a great fun bike to ride with power more or less from stop, easy to handle and sounds magnificent with a pipe, the other is a honda inline 4.
  11. thanks for the info...

    i'll largely be doing a short commute with it and this is my first bike...
    i do want to do some weekend riding though eg a trip up to the mountains etc..

    so as far as which engine type i prefer, i dont really know. as a new rider do i want the torque of the sv650 or the power of the cb600?

    as for the cb600 for sale on this site - i'm in qld... too far
  12. The 600 I4 Honda engine of that time is very predictable, I think the cb has the same engine (only re/de tuned) as my CBR. If you ride the bike in the lower revs, it's very learner friendly, wind it out some and it'll show you some decent power.

    I've only ridden an SV at very low speed, but the difference in engine was clear. Around town I would see the SV as the less demanding bike to ride. For town work I would probably go with the SV. For high speed work the CB might be a better choice (CBR even better again).
  13. I commute to & from work every day on my Hornet 600 and have NO trouble with torque. I pull away from traffic with no problems.

    You just need to get the bike tuned to eliminate the 5000rpm flat spot.

    Once you do that, it pulls from 3500-6000 really nicely.

    over 7000rpm and you hit "HELL YEAH!!" acceleration.

    Hornet 600: the most fun you can have with your pants on.
  14. :rofl:
  15. As to which would be have 'better' power delivery for a learner, I'd have to say the sv650 vtwin.
  16. rode a 600 hornet before I settled on the er6. I don't think you will notice any lack of torque or power. I just felt more comfortable on the er6 and I wanted a new bike so I got one of them.
  17. Hi Kyan,

    I don't think either machine is 'better'... just different. I've had an sv650s for about 6 months and I completely love the engine. There's a beautiful, smooth delivery of power from 3000rpm up, with a fun little boost around 9-10k (redline is 11k), so it's easy to ride everywhere without flickin through the gears. The low down torque is great for city riding and for pulling out of corners in the twisties. Oh, they sound sweet too! An aftermarket pipe can get close to a Ducati rumble.

    I've ridden a Hornet on an Advanced Rider course for a day. I really enjoyed the powerband up in the revs; like a little rocket! Lots of fun! I felt that my sv650s felt more 'solid' when I returned to it at the end of the day, but I'm guessing that's down to the flogged-to-death Hornet I'd been riding. And, subjective as it may be, the v-twin has a different soul... you have to try both to find which is for you.

    That said, both bikes are awesome fun and easy to ride; I'd be delighted with either. Notice that everyone who owns an sv650 loves it to bits and the same goes for Hornet owners....

    Good Luck with the decision.
  18. 600??? go the 900 it is one hell of a bike...... :cool:
  19. yep i had noticed that... i'm going to look into both further as they both seem like fantastic bikes.
  20. I think at the end of the day, you just need to take both out for a ride & see which one speaks to you :)