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Suzuki SV650 vs Cagiva Raptor

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Thought I'd better start a new thread rather than hijack one of the other SV650 threads. Just wondering if anyone knows how the Cagiva Raptors compare against a Suzuki SV650 - I know the engines are the same but are there any major areas where they differ apart from styling?

  2. Well the pricing for one thing :shock:
  3. Well, they both leak coolant, but the Sv will be repaired under warranty as soon as possible. The Raptor parts have to go from Japan to Italy, then to Aus. It'll be 6 weeks waiting.

    They both girls bikes tho :p
  4. Personally, i'd get the SV any day.
    I may be wrong, but the new SV's are fuel injected aswell as look hornier than the Cagiva.
    My 2c......
    Daz. :p
  5. You haven't mentioned whether naked or half-faired variants, so I'd assume you mean the nakeds, then.
    I've ridden an '00 SV650S, which was ace, and a 650 Raptor naked (not the V-raptor) which handled even better than the Suzuki, but had a really strange riding position.
    Not much in it tho'. Buy whichever feels most comfortable.
  6. Rather 6 months :LOL: :LOL: Feeney-Group hasn't got the best reputation when it comes to spares/ long waits....
    Only ever rode a 1000 Raptor.
    Loved it.
    The Cagiva should have the better frame/ brakes/ fittings/ plumbing etc.....but is it worth the trouble?
  7. I've ridden the Raptor 1000. Its deceptiiively quick.
  8. Thanks for the info, though it'll be some time before I'll be in the position to buy either. Personally I quite like the styling of the V-Raptor, just wasn't sure if the extra couple of grand was going solely into styling and brand name.
  9. I've ridden a nudie injected SV650, and a 1000cc Raptor. They were both very very nice
  10. I owned a naked SV 650 for a few years and the raptor had more weight (same frame as the 1000), but better suspension. The SV can have the forks fixed for a lot less than the expense of the raptor.
  11. Just do a quick check on the powerplant details. 12 months ago Cagiva did a deal with Hyosung to supply motors, as Suzuki was imposing restrictions on which markets Cagiva could sell in. It is possible that the new powerplants are starting to appear around now.
  12. They both girls bikes tho :p[/quote]

    This coming from someone who owns an old ladies bowling bike! 600 montrosity :p