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Suzuki SV650 - Opinions Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bennett, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Hello all. Am new to these forums, not to mention motorcycling in general, so please go easy on this newbie. :p

    I completed my QRide course a couple of weeks for the Open licence and have decided to purchase a road bike. I was initially just going to get a bush-basher for awhile but have already got a quad, and whilst not the same, it is serving its purpose for the time being, namely for utility use. Also doing the course on a road bike gave me an addiction I'm sure all of you yourselves have. :p

    Anyhoo, on the advice of some others and such, the SV650 or SV650S has been suggested as a good first bike. If anyone here has had one in the past I'd love to hear your opinions, both good and bad.

    I'm also probably leaning toward the bikini-faired version but obviously there aren't too many differences between the two.

    I would also appreciate any other suggestions as to what would be a suitable first bike. I'm 6' even, about 85kg and want a bike that is also suitable for two-up.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Lots of bikes would be suitable!! Am I correct when I say you have no legal restrictions as to the bikes you can choose? With your height you shouldn't find any of the bikes on the market prohibitive.

    The sv650s is nice and I rather like it. Not sure about comfort 2 up - seems like it wouldn't be the best option in the stable for this.

    One quite comfortable bike is the yzf600 - good 2 up but also fun 1 up. I am not sure how good it would be as a first bike (has a fair amount of power), but as long as you respect it there shouldn't be problems...

    Could also consider the rf600 (though not sure if you will appreciate the styling - it is a bit hit and miss).

    Those are my quick thoughts anyways. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Yep the SV650 is a good first 'big' bike, go for the faired one as they look better (obviously an important consideration).

    It won't be that great at 2UP work but it will do ok. You might also want to look at a Kwak Z750 a MultiStrada 650 and a Strom 650.
  4. i really wanted a SV but couldn't afford one and ended up with a thundercat (yzf600r) wouldn't swap now despite the price difference. the cats a bit faster, bit larger (your the same size/weight as me) and has an INCREDIBLY comfy seat and riding position. i prefer the naked bikes, but i fixed that on my own http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~99coconuts :twisted:

    having said that tho, i think the SV would be easier to learn on if you havn't got alot of bike experience behind you. the SV has better power and torque down low which means its going to be easier to get used to the low speed stuff. its not gunna be a slow bike, just easier to get used to and not so much emphasis on the top end of the throttle. i'd say its probably close to as comfy for a pillion and the lower gearing will make riding with one quite a bit easier. try a couple of 600 inline 4s (yzf600r, cbr600f) and then the sv and see what you think....
  5. Isn't there a similar power-to-weight restriction as with the LAMs in NSW?
    Then the SV doesn't come under the Learners-bikes, AFAIK.

    Hyosung Comet 650 (sorta cloned SV650 engine-based naked bike) is "restrictable" via a distributor/ importer supplied kit.

    Use that for a year, then remove the kit to free it up. Cost rumoured around $200, way cheaper than swapping bikes after 12 mths.
  6. yer what they said...

    I got the sv after q-ride and it had me going in no time. it doesn't have the crazy power that will get you into trouble that other bikes have but it is beautifully balanced and just plain fun to ride. really good in corners, it got me scraping the foot pegs in 4 months of riding (and I'm no hoon, quite sensible in fact) :roll:
    Like novacoder said it ain't that great at 2up, you have to thrash the engine to keep it pumping in the twisties with a pillion and being a v-twin you need to have some fine throttle control when changing gears with a passenger. otherwise they tend to suffer a bit from whiplash (sister hates v-twins for that reason)

    in general the bike is solid as a rock - i've had it from melbourne and brizzy and back with zero problems. Not to mention the fact that after riding for 3 months it gave me the confidence to do that ride.

    as you get a bit more experienced you'll tend to find the suspension a bit suspect. or at least, thats my excuse :LOL:
  7. I did Bright to Melbourne (450kms odd) in one day two up. Had an absolute ball and the SV was very comfortable. For the record I know that I would not have been so comfortable two up on my Triumph Daytona.

    Great bike to change up to as they are very easy to ride.

  8. I have an SV and love it...not sure about the comment on the faired one looking better either!!!

    There is a slight difference between the faired and naked.

    The "S" version runs different sprockets thus a slight power difference.

    The other is the riding position. If you like the position of a trail bike then you would probably prefer the naked on the SV.

    As for speed it'll keep up.

    It's one of the more comfortable bikes I've been on, both for myself and pillion. Very thick padding.

    Have a look at svrider.com for heaps of info as well as tweaking ideas also svdownunder.com

    I've only had one problem where I had a huge back fire and the carbies blew off the cylinders, but that was just a hose clip that let go.

    Other than that it's about all I can say for them apart from the fact that they are a nice twin, and you definately need to put after market cans on them cause they are as quite as a mouse with stock!!! :)

  9. I was thinking of you when I said that :p
  10. Thanks for all the replies and the speed of such. :)

    Some great advice there ... I just need to get out, get some confidence and start test riding some bikes. :)

    The SV certainly does sound just like what I'm looking for. Whilst I consider myself 'responsible' on the road I'm not sure how I would go with too much grunt beneath me ... particularly at the top end. Maybe after more experience I'll go there but I'm old enough and wise enough to know that two days at a Q-Ride course ain't enough to handle all situations on the road. :)

    Nope, not here in Queensland. Basically if, like me, you have held your open car licence for three years in a five year period, you can ride anything you want ... so long as you've been deemed 'competent' for an unrestricted licence. Of course, with all that said, I realise that I have next to no experience so want to choose a bike that's a suitable size, is safe, is easy-ish to ride and, of course, is fun. :p

    Hehe ... that's not the first time I've had that suggested. So ... just out of interest ... how much would one be looking at to make that kind of mod? :D
  11. From about $450/500 upwards
  12. Mate, the SV total ROCKS!!!
    i have an 02 nakid model for sale if you interested still?
    go to www.svdownunder for the best australian SV site!!! join and you'll get all the best info in relation to the mighty SV!
  13. There are more differences between the SV and SVS. The SV has a longer swing arm, to compensate for the less weight over the front end (no fairings) and the shock is on a softer seting (can be changed in 2 mins).

    My 2 cents: SV is the pick of the bunch (out of the <700cc) for everything other than racetrack work. All the 600 inline 4s have no midrange and you have to rev thir tits off to go fast. If the SV 650 is not fast enough, get a 1000, any 1000 they all go just nicely.