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Suzuki SV 1000, Any Reviews on this Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Big Chris, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    A guy who came into work today was riding a 2004 SV1000,
    Looks quite similar in style the the SV 650,
    This one sounded quite tough as well, was running twin Yoshi cans.
    Had not seen one of these previously,
    any reviews?
    Own one?
    What does it go, handle and brake like?

    ps. not that I can afford to update from my 1999 CBR900 atm.

  2. Im picking up a sv1000k6 next week. At this stage I have only had a short ride on one and loved it...

    For a bike thats 186kg dry it feels much lighter than that.. Tips intos turns really easily.. Almosts does it by itself.
    If your a big guy you will probably have to change the front spring as its designed for a lightweight like me (75kgs) I found on hardish breaking it dove a bit too much.. The suspension is full adjustable so I can probably sort that out..

    Brakes are pretty darn good but Im coming off a 250 ZZR so I was always going to be impressed with the brakes - they have plenty of bite for me.. I cant comment on how the brakes perform at high speeds (ie 200ish) but given there off the GSXR750 they should be ok..

    Love the torque.. Its everywhere from 3000rpm up.. and very smooth and linear no sudden rush...

    You might want to check out www.svrider.com and www.sv1000.zyns.com they have heaps of reviews and you can get opinions from long term owners.

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  5. I've been looking at SV1000S myself.

    Just think of it as more up-to-date VTR1000 Firestorm with fuel injection. Many reviews say that SV is tiny bit better than VTR just because carby VTR needs more frequent fuel stops.

    IMHO, would be more practical than a CBRR...and awesome v-twin note is damn hard to ignore.
  6. While I struggled to convince dealers for a test ride, they do look shmick, particularly the S model in silver. I'd say they'd be a great choice if you're hunting a naked or half-faired v-twin at a reasonable price!
  7. Btw, Peter Stevens have the sv1000k6 (10,990 + orc) and sv1000sk5 (11,990+orc).. I know that the naked they are actually selling below cost as I went to several other dealers who basically told me to buy it from PS.

  8. I've been looking at these as well.

    Does anyone know how much pillion comfort there is? have to take the missus for a hoon every now-and-then... :grin:
  9. The Dec 2005 AMCN review wasn't very good. TonySV's comments
    about the suspension don't surprise me either. I was going to ask the
    dealer for a test ride, but then I saw the spark plug position on the
    forward cylinder and changed my mind (when you have had to
    replace a failed plug in the middle of woop-woop, you tend to note
    things like this during a new purchase).

    my $0.02 anyway.


  10. Sv1000s!!!! I bought one 6 weeks ago!!

    yeah.. I bought 2003 model sv1000s 6 weeks ago.. I am no tech head by any given means on bikes.. but I did like the riding positon and the cornering is very steady yeah.. and I have Remus pipes with baffles taken out.. sounds great.. rides well.. mine is copper colour.. looks good. full faring too..
    I havent had much time to ride long distance yet as had it off road due to canary being issued by fcukhead copper on a bike.. but back now..its a great bike anyhoo..
  11. Tony,

    are you sure thats for the SV1000s and not the SV1000n?..lf it's the S it's a bloody good buy...this is one of the bikes I'm giving some serious thought to...if they are so cheap I may have to take the plunge earlier than I thought :)
  12. I saw the naked SV1000 advertised at Peter Stevens for $10990 + orc.

    It also made me have another think about the bike I might buy. Seems like an excellent price, hope it last for a few months, until I am in the positon to buy!
  13. Yep,
    sv1000 '06 naked = $10,990 + orc
    sv1000S '05 (bikini fairing) = $11.490 + orc

    Check out PS website under the specials section...

    Btw, I pickup my naked next week and thats the price I paid.. So its definately legit..

  14. suzuki sv prices!!!!!

    are you sure its 10,990 for the sv 1000s?...and not the 650s. I seem to rmember P stevens havng the 650s as $10,990.. and the 1000s for $13,990
    considering I bought my 2003 model for $12,300... Im not so sure of this price?
  15. Re: suzuki sv prices!!!!!

    looks likely the sv1000 is 12,000 as the naked is 11 on the specials page.... when did you buy your sv1000s?
  16. Re: suzuki sv prices!!!!!

    I bought it middle of march this year. so 8 weeks ago?.. its 3yrs old.. with full farings and race remus pipes and a custom job on the under rear side.. for $12,300
  17. Re: suzuki sv prices!!!!!

    I purchased a NAKED sv1000 '06 for $10,990 + orc.

    They (PS) had a couple of sv1000s '05 which they wanted to get rid of and had them for $11,490 or $11,990 + orc (cant remember exactly)..

    I just checked their special page just now and has been updated and the sv1000s offer has been removed. The change must have only happened today. Obviously they have sold them which is not surprising has you are getting alot of bike for your money..

    I asked Mick Hone's if he could match the price (Naked sv1000k6) and was informed he would loose $200 if he sold the bike at that price..