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Suzuki SFV650 LAMS v's Kawasaki ER-6nL ABS LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for some advice/opinions on the above 2 LAMS bikes.

    I am not looking to start another which LAMS bike is best discussion think that has been done already and there are 2 many variables for that debate. Also not looking for a new v's 2nd hand discussion again been done more than enough......

    So if we can stick to the above 2 bikes that would be great.

    Now the details -
    Will be bought new
    Used as a commuter from Nunawading to Wantirna in Victoria, about 15 k's each way
    I am 5 foot 8
    Approx 75kgs in ATG
    In my 40's
    Looking to keep for 2 years plus while I learn how not to get killed or kill myself ......

    So what I am after given the detail above is which of the two would you buy if they were the 2 choices ?

    Some insight into why would also be useful.

    Many thanks , Jeremy

    PS apologies to the CB400 guys on here who have been great at giving advice just want to look at a couple of other options.
  2. First thing obviously: Go Ride both, you will find you like the engine, seating, feel of one over the other. Thats all you need to do as far as which you prefer goes.

    Things to consider though:
    Er-6nl can EASILY be derestriced to give it a good kick to power and this will allow you to enjoy it for a lot longer (then easily re-restricted to maintain LAMS sale value) its just a simple throttle pin, and one Wire under the seat. The Suzuki i believe needs a different ECU which may be harder.

    I have a Versys which is a similiar bike to the er-6n but a bit more upright/less sporty.. the engines have a lot of torque and are really fun and grunty (i also upgraded from a Cb400).. i personally enjoy the type of engine much more than the inline-4 on the Cb400.

    The bike also feels like a bigger bike.. im 6 foot 1 and 90 kgs and the Cb400 felt small and i felt like a spider trying to hump an ant.. the Versys gave me much more leg room with feet on the pegs and a more enjoyable riding experience (and i can corner a heck of a lot faster due to better balance FOR ME)

    But as i said, go and ride both of them. because whichever you like the feel of, you should buy.
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  3. +1 to that. They are both good bikes & only you can decide which one suits your style.

    BUT the Er is more popular, IMO.
  4. I like the look of the Suzuki better. I think the V twin is errrr than the in line twin as well. I prefer the Suzuki on all fronts to be honest, except the restricter. The Suzuki has an ECU restriction which would be a pain in the arse to remove. The kawa has a throttle restriction which is easy to remove. The reason I got the CB instead of the SFV is because of the restriction and it's difficulty to remove.
  5. haha that's a new one :LOL:
  6. ABS? It could save your life one day. ER-6nl essentially throws it in for free making it the better choice alone imho.

    Insurance. Jump online with a typical insurer like Swann or insuremyride and run the numbers on both bikes, and the CB400 while your at it. On going yearly expenses are a consideration. Both should be pretty cheap to insure but it pays to make sure.

    Lighting. Something you can't usually check with a test ride (at day time) but the big chunky headlight on the ER-6n has a purpose. Excellent light at night time. It puts out a fan of light that covers two lanes wide when your riding in the centre and spots those dark corners for you as well. When ever I night ride with my mates, they all hang back and piggy back off my bikes headlight, it's that good. No idea what the gladius's is like, maybe one of the owners around here could comment?

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  7. Hey Audible,

    Thanks for the post and the link to the direct comparision really good info there, also the lighting, something you hardley ever see mentioned in reviews.

    Looks like the ER-6Nl is the winner ...

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. I would choose er-6nl as its a simple DIY job to de-restrict, by the way they just released details of the 2012 model which brings a fair few upgrades over the existing model so you might want to wait for the new model.
  9. I have an ER6nl and I am loving it. Finding it easy to get along with. I am 178cm tall and 90 kg. I am a learner and have just had the 1k service done on mine so cant offer a lengthy in depth opinion. I do find my self staring at it alot lol. The light is good, the brakes(ABS) are good and it keeps you seated at a nice upright position if thats what your after. Nice and comfy to ride on short and longer distances But I do have a slightly biased ... So yer whatever you feel best on... But just look at it!!!
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  10. Hey all, thanks for the tips and advice.

    Have a look at this the official Utube of the new ER, me thinks I will be ordering one of these.....


    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Jem, make sure you go and have a sit on and a ride of each before you order one, because i mean i went with the kawasaki option, but only cause i wanted the Versys.. if i was choosing out of these 2 i would DEFINITELY go and ride each..

    i absolutely LOVE the v-twin engines and i cant wait for my next bike to have one.. not to mention the gladius is a sexy looking bike and sounds badass; the V-twins really have a lot of character and both bikes have a great amount of low down power due to no torque restrictions.

    Go and ride both!!! ;p
  12. I was thinking about these bikes (well the non-LAMS versions of anyway) as a potential upgrade when I'm off restrictions next year... hence I haven't yet ridden either. The online reviews on youtube and other places tend to favour the Gladius as the better bike and the more fun to ride. I find the white/blue version of the Gladius tends to look like either a an iMac or HelloKitty handbag a bit too much, all black looks good though.
  13. couldnt aagree more... teh white and blue Gladius really does look like a proper girls bike. I would say as others have, go sit on them. Personally think I prefer the look of the ER6 but then I do love v-twins. It would really have to be about how they felt and rode.
  14. :biker:
    Noice one!:biker:
  15. the gladius looks like a girls bike but the proper SV650s doesnt. its another option for you if you havent committed to the ER6
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  16. Hi everyone,

    I'm considering these two bikes as well.
    I've taken the Suzuki for a test ride and it was great (good size, easy to manoeuvre) but because of the aesthetics I'm leaning towards the 2012 Kawasaki (but I can't get my hands on even and old model to try out.) How do they differ size/weight-wise? Also, what is the release date of the 2012 Kawasaki in NSW?

  17. The Gladius and ER-6 are very similar sized and weight bikes. if you found the suzuki to be great, then you'll find the ER-6 to be similar. I'm similar in height to you but heavier (80kg's in gear) and if anything I find my er-6 a bit small but easy to chuck around on the road.

    The word on the street for the new ER-6 is Febuary though that is here in W.A. eastern states usually get things a couple of weeks earlier than us though "febuary" could well mean late febuary so another 3-4 weeks away probably.
  18. I have an SFV650 and from experience. I LOVE it!
    But if you are looking to de-restrict I would go the Kwaka :(

    I have unrestricted mine but at a hefty cost.
    I prefer the engine of the SFV650 and the looks but the seat ain't all that comfy and the suspension could do with a bit of tweaking...

    So if you're not willing to put a bit of elbow grease, time and money into modifying it, then I would go the Kwaka.

    Saying that, I don't think I could ever sell my bike. Many more mods to come including Projector retrofit :D

    Cheers, Sandy