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My first ride - Suzuki sfv650 Gladius

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  1. Blackdog Boots submitted a new showcase item:

    My first ride - Suzuki sfv650 Gladius

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  2. Congrats mate,

    I've also got a Gladius, all modded for night riding now.

    Nice pipe you have on it too! Love the sound of the M4!
  3. Cheers seefu. Just replaced the headlight parker globe with an LED one and replaced the headlight globe also , fitted a narva 50 + arctic. Keen to get it out on my first night ride very soon.
  4. Nice.

    I have the OSRAM Nightracer H4 in mine. Which I think is exactly the same as the Narva Blue +90 or something. Supposedly better vibration absorption designed for motorcycles, but who believes that hype. I ordered that one because I wanted the cool headlight bulb case it came with :p (A little helmet that flips open and holds the bulb inside).

    I just added some LED spotlights to the front of the bike too for night riding because I ride in rural areas and there are alot of animals around.

    Also have the RHOK Molten tire strips too as you can see from my profile pic.

    I did the projector HID retrofit in that photo too but wasn't happy with it. Ordered it off another SV650 forum.

    Lots of info for our bikes on that forum too anyway.

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