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Suzuki SFV650 ECU de-restricting

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hienous, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Been trawling the forums and I came across a DIY method to de-restrict the ECU on the gladius sfv650 K9. It is on another forum so I won't post the link. I am still skeptical about this and searching these forums, its seems that the people that mod their SFV650s have done it the hard way by buying a new/used full power ecu and getting the full power that way.
    Legal issues aside, I know that there has been alot of warnings from people regarding the implications of doing such a mod to a LAMs bike, I just want to hear from anyone that has ACTUALLY de-restricted their bikes and how they did it. In particular, I would like to hear from anyone that has de-restricted their SFV650 ecu by cutting a certain wire in the compartment. If you want the details on the actual DIY method, PM me because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post outside links or even give out information that may or may not be technically correct and may result in a binned bike.

  2. Post what you want...........

    Modify your bike illegally as you'd like........

    No-one is going to stop you.......
  3. Yes it can be done by cutting / disconnecting one wire from the ecu, and yes it does work. It is basically a mode select switching wire. When earthed, the ecu is in low power / wet weather /LAMS mode. When disconnected it is in full power mode.

    I'd recommend you install a switch on this wire (hidden of course), so it is like the GSXR with their mode select switch, all you have to do is flip the switch, to change between modes, when required.

    In the LAMS GSX650 manual, ecu wire identification chart, it actually lists the wire as being a mode select wire, pin #36 i think. But in the SFV manual it does not list the wire. But when you check the ECU there is a wire there somewhere beween pin #30 - 36 which is not listed on the chart, and is a black with white trace i think from memory. If you want to know the exact pin # & wire colour, I can get access to a manual & a bike and refresh my memory for you?
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    I checked the wiring diagram & ecu pins today on an 09 SFV650 and I'm sorry to say I could not find a mode select wire. Bugger. My memory has decieved me again. It was the GSX650 which has the wire, so for the SFV your only option is to source a full power ECU. Sorry about the wrong info.

    I'd be very interested to know the web site that showed a DIY derestriction though, as I can't find one.
  5. But, on an SFV650, K9, how much is it going to win you anyway?
  6. Since I' not a forum regular, I didn't want to make assumptions about what is acceptable and what is not and really cbf to read up the rules of posting.

    full power is supposed to give about 77hp whereas restrictred is about 33 hp I think. My figures are obviously based on my unreliable memory.

    Thanks for your input Tinkerer, true to your name! Its actually on SVrider and it was a post from a guy that quoted a translation from a french forum (and the google translator obviously messed up the grammar a bit, but you could sorta work out what was being said). In short, it identified a wire on the connector at location #24 that needed to be cut/disconnected/insulated so taken out of the circuit.

    I did a bodgy job of insulating it today and thought I felt more power but I have a feeling it's only my imagination LOL. Gonna try something else later on, maybe install a switch like you said.
  7. On the manual, location #24 is actually unlabelled, although has actually got a wire connected to it. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. Either Suzuki know about it and hiding it from the manual, or its false info and the goons that are posting the "insane increases in torque" just have imaginative minds like me! LOL.

    The reason I am still sticking to my gladius is bc I am a short-ass and there's not alot of bikes out there that I feel comfortable on. I don't need insane power but it would be nice to get a bit more juice out of my machine, and even more so a bonus if it doesn't involve a purchase of a potentially expensive part to exploit this.
  8. I heard the SV650 all u have to do is change the ecu to a full power one and bingo u bike is full power.. I don't know if that would work for your bike..
  9. OK, I was wrong.

    I thought Suzuki had actually done a custom ECU mapping for Oz to sensibly reduce the power output to just under what was needed to be LAMS compliant.

    I've now checked and the full power version is rated at 53 Kw, while the LAMS version seems to be 25 Kw, probably the "reduced power" version for Europe.

    With only 25 Kw, it must be a very unrewarding bike to ride.

    I can see why you'd want to derestrict it.
  10. There are a number of wires from the ECU that are unlabelled, but when I checked their colours on the bike and traced them in the wiring diagram, most of them traced to a dead end at the diagnostic coupling. So cutting any of these wires would have no effect other than interferring with diagnostics communication.

    Thanks for that. I might try disconnecting the wire at pin #24 & see what happens.
  11. Today i borrowed a soldering iron and got to work to properly do this hack. I installed a simple switch as suggested and put it in a not-so-obvious location. Took about 30mins and cost me nothing and I am pleased to say i CAN feel the difference it makes. Having the switch definitely helped me to compare so as to make sure its not my imagination! I have to admit i still dont know for sure that it is now derestricted, but i will test it in the next few days and weeks to see if worked or it was imagined..

    On the downside today, I was picking some milk up at woolies and lost my balance in the parking lot and dropped it on the right side. Broke the end off the brake lever (plus a few scratches on the exhaust and cracked right indicator)... Now both the clutch and brake levers have been customised by concrete! (I previously dropped it on the left side when i first go the bike 2 years ago) Lucky a passerby helped to me to lift the bike. After 4 years of riding, just as i was feeling really comfortable with handling the bike, moments like this just feel embarassing! I think the bike has had enough modifications for today...
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    This morning I was able to disconnect black/brown wire at pin#24 on my test subject 09 SFV650 and.......drum roll please........It works. Before, in Lams mode, the power would flatten off after 7000rpm, but now, under full throttle, it takes off after 7000rpm & rocketships all the way to redline. Below 7k the bike behaves just the same, no noticeable difference.

    So thank you very much Hienous for your info.
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  13. No problems dude! I was skeptical but I think It really does make a difference. I take no credit for it really, it was just something I read off the other forum and wanted to share/query.
  14. Groundbreaking work! I'd also read on the other forum about getting this mod done.

    I already bought an unrestricted E-33 ECU about 2 years ago, after getting my open license for riding.
    Recently bought another fully unrestricted ECU again in June last year.

    Mode changing switch sounds like an awesome idea though!!
  15. Thankfully, this isn't the case. In normal riding scenarios, the learner-approved Gladius is still a blast, sacrificing little to the full-powered version. It behaves very similarly to the full-power version until around 7000 RPM, after which the rev climb slows and tapers off. In other words, the restriction doesn't entirely massacre the bike's character, fun and charm.

    I'm on my full licence and have a bigger bike, yet enjoy my Gladius more than before.
  16. Hi All,

    I am usually one of these greedy people who read these forums and use the information but then don’t contribute later on when they work but I just had to this time.

    I recently purchased a 2010 Lams version SFV650 and offcourse wanted to get the maximum power out of this bike so started to look around for ways to remove the restriction. I found three option being mentioned 1. Change the ECU – which was very expensive process 2. Re-Map the ECU – Found some guy in SA who would do it but again very expensive about $500-600 3. Cut wire from pin 24 on larger of the two wiring harnesses going to the ECU – I thought this is too good to be true, I cut this wire and bang instant difference in power. Like in all these other posts the power range before was up to 6000-7000 RPM then nothing now it’s all the way to red line, a totally different bike now.

    1. Disconnect battery
    2. Unplug ECU
    3. Locate pin 24 on larger of the two harnesses, black/ brown with green dots.
    4. Once cut the cable I terminated the cable with heat shrink
    5. Re-plug harness & battery and that’s it.

    Good like fellow modifiers.
  17. I think the idea of a switch to flick between the two is great. Although how practical would it be? Let's face it, once on full power it's staying on full power.
  18. This is my thinking too
    My GSXR had three power modes
    Track, wet, normal
    Track, track, track
  19. So that matches the way the GSX650F LAMS is restricted (apart from the different pinout), different map in ECU, fuel and ignition advance rolled off after 7000 RPM. Good detective work.
  20. Hey Lionz,

    I had actually purchased switch with the intention of installing it but after a few beers I had two rational thoughts 1. will I ever use the switch and 2. Its not as easy to hide the switch as it is to hide a cut in the cable from the boys in blue.