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Suzuki says a litre of oil useage in 2500ks is acceptable

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by mlc05, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all apologies if other threads on similar topic have not been used, I did search. I bought an m50 Suzuki Bouley last year brand new in Aug and it has been performing great. Around the 3500k's mark I noticed that the oil level had dropped from being at the full mark to being just above the low mark. I immediately presented it to the same dealer who performed an oil (but no filter) change and then told me to return in 500k's. (first overnight stay- stayed for 3days) I put 500k's on it that weekend then returned again, he checked the level
    and said it looked fine and bring it back in another 500k's. (2nd overnight
    stay- 1 night) I kept an eye on it over the coming 3weeks and represented at a further 500k's. (3rd overnight stay- 1 night)Dealer said to bring it back in 1000 and see what it is like then as there had been minimal shift. In the next thousand kms I did a fair bit of highway running with the engine at a constant speed eg 110kph for quite some time. It was after a 700 k journey that I rechecked and sure
    enough the oil had dropped in level again from full to almost low-mid.
    I returned to the dealer and we discussed it and as it was so close to its
    next service at 5000kms decided to do its service then when an oil and
    filter change occurred. Same oil brand as before (ipone semi synthetic
    10w/40) went in and level noted but this time apparently the Suzuki rep was
    consulted and both said to return in 1000k's. (4th overnight stay- 1night)

    It just spent the week there last week and involved Suzuki melbourne and its relevant rep and they say that oil range falls within acceptable limits. A brand new bike using 600ml every 1400kms is acceptable-how so? I had a 14yo commodore v6 that did not even use oil and it had a 150000 k's on it. My bike is babied and only has 6000 k's on it....They did not even offer to change the oil type or viscosity or go to mineral instead of synthetic. I have even had to purchase my own top up oil for in between services....What do we think of this? Any ideas?

  2. From memory BMW had a similar figure as acceptable for my old bike. i always assumed though they were talking about once worn, not from new, but thinking about your experience, perhaps not.\n\nThe figure seems ridiculously high to me and may have been deliberately set that way by the manafacturer to avoid warranty claims. Why else would a figure so high be acceptable from new engine.\n\nPerhaps wiser heads than mine can shed some light.\n
  3. Sounds like the engine might have been babied a little too much at run-in. While it's not ideal I don't think it's going to cause damage assuming the oil is kept topped up.
    You might be able to bed the rings in a bit better if you switch to mineral oil and make the engine work hard (not high revs, hard work) running up and down the range with a fist full of throttle (I'm not recommending speeding or reckless riding either) to drive the rings into the bores. After a couple hundred Ks of that (watch the oil level constantly) switch back to synthetic.
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  4. I'm sure Suzuki had a similar situation with the GSX-R models a few years back too, it was discussed a lot here, as I recall...
  5. In my opinion that much oil loss for a brand new bike is unacceptable. That would make it over 2 litres every 5000kms. I would be asking for a replacement bike or my money back.
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  6. Might be on to something here, too many people baby new engines & do more harm than good
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  7. I'm going to be in an awkward position with this exact problem soon enough. I'm returning to riding but getting a new bike, my second ever. The last thing I want to do is baby the engine but I'm also going to have to build my physical skills back up as it's been some time since I rode regularly AND what I'm getting isn't what I'm used to riding. I'll just have to bite the bullet and give it the berries as soon as possible. I've read that the first twenty or so miles are critical but the last thing I want to do it over do things and drop it on the ride home. That would suck nasty balls.
  8. dont sweat it too much mate, I am a certified beige cardigan wearer , but i cant still make the engine work without riding flat out or popping wheelies or doing burnouts
  9. My beige cardie has elbow patches, I'm afraid.
    I'm planing on some full throttle blatts up to the speed limit, run for a little while then slow down and go again ... once fully warmed up of course.
    Wifey will kill me if she finds out the first thing I'll be doing to it is pulling the side cover off the motor to clear the oil pick up screen, but it's something I know needs to be done to ensure longevity of this particular thing.

    Anyway, we're thread-jacking. Better get back on topic. ;)
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  10. I can make an engine work, not "cant" typo in previous post. anyway back to the oil problem
  11. I figure I won't have to do so many oil changes now, by the time the 7500ks services come around I shall have cycled the whole 4 or so litres through and only need a new filter......
  12. yeah to me it is unacceptable, but I certainly cannot envisage Suzuki replacing my bike. They have spent 4 hours on it measuring, checking, doing leakdown tests etc and all results seem fine....have read by searching around that some Boulevards have useage issues yet some don't there does not seem to be a hard and fast rule. I think they should have at least tried a filter change and different oil.When I was an apprentice mechanic I was always told not to use synthetic oils in brand new engines as it glazes the bore which prevents running in progress. That is my concern but upon thinking maybe it was because the synthetics had friction modifiers which I cannot imagine motorbike oil that shares a gearbox would???Dunno, mystifying, great bike but I really wanted the 4stroke Boulevard,,,,
  13. There are a number of other bike models that habitually use oil. KTM's LC8 engine is expected to use 0.5litre per 1000km, although not all do. Daytona 675 is well known to use oil. But that doesn't mean they are faulty. Check out the model-specific forums to find out if your usage reflects other owners' experience before to lock horns with the distributor IMO. No point comparing your usage to completely different models.
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  14. MLC....dunno, sounds to me like they did try to find a reason....clearly, by testing for 4 hrs. I reckon your particular case may have come up before and a lame arse company response handed to you to make you go away.

    Thats a silly policy though....some medium sized companies have no real idea of building customer relations.

    Anyway, it sounds like it has come down to you to experiment with synthetics and viscosities. In my opinion, any bike that "uses" oil I would question how it is using it? Just plain leaking out? Burning it out? Evaporating it out? None of those senarios are good in my mind. Theres something wrong if your motor is using this amount of oil. Just my opinion though. Just relying on logic.
  15. I thought new bikes were delivered to the customer with mineral oil and then switched to synthetic as part of the 1,000km service.
  16. Sounds high for a modern engine but then again I can remember a time when anything better than a pint every 500 miles was considered quite acceptable for a new vehicle. If it idles without oiling its plugs and doesn't coat the back of the bike with oil from the exhaust or breathers I'd just keep an eye on the oil level and enjoy the bike.

  17. Yamaha say 1L per 1000K for my TRX is normal. & it uses it.

    At least yours is better than that!
  18. My ZZR600 has 138,000kms on the clock and still does not need a top up between 5000km service intervals. It would be lucky to use 250mls.

    You should not concern yourself with the reasons as to why. That is their problem. With that much oil burning will it pass EPA requirements? Was there disclosure about this prior to the purchase?
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  19. The oil usage might be dependant on how you have been using the bike. You mentioned that the engine used oil after a 700km highway run @110kph, but not in the previous two 500km runs. I have seen this before in the KLR650's, where they do not use oil around town, but when run down the hwy they guzzle it. Kawasaki say that the bike was not really designed to be run @120kph for long periods, and will use oil if run at high speed.
    Some big piston engines use oil if run continuously above a certain rpm, not necessarily due to oil going past the rings, but also from oil misting in the crankcases & being drawn up the breather pipe into airbox.
    It is annoying, but might just be a peculiarity of that design. Perhapps try running bike at a lower speed down the hwy to see if this makes a difference.
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  20. thanks guys for all your thoughts, some of it was right in line with what I was thinking. It definetley only seems to be on extended highway runs at constant speeds rather than up and down through mountains and back roads at varying speeds. Suzuki are a bit quiet on this at the moment and I do not really expect much from them. I have some ipone to top it up with before the next service, I think next service I shall put some twinsyn Motul in it at 20w50 rather than the ipone 10w40 and that should make some difference. There is no blackness or smoking and it does not make the ring ding sound of a 2 stroke even though it has the oil thirst of one. They did say there was no compression leakage nor were the plugs darkened and the air filter was dry. So who knows......Ta for the thoughts though.....ride on ( oh and top up every now and then)