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Suzuki RGV250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by i_cruise, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Ive spent the last few months rebuilding my little RGV. It wasn't a full nut and bolt restoration but anything grubby was either re-finished or replaced. I've also fitted many mechanical upgrades to it. When i took ownership of it a couple of years ago she was just a bog stock jap import with the restricted engine (about 45hp).
    I have de-restricted her by throwing away the 32mm Mikuni Carbs and fitting the bigger 34's, fitting an Aprilia SAPC box (controls ignition) and many more go-faster bits including TYGA stainless steel GP exhaust, Tuning works racing o-ring heads, re-built the top end, new reed valves,chain, sprockets, new clutch plates and stiffer clutch springs, and many more. I also have a set of 06' Hayabusa 6 pot calipers, brembo master cylinder and HEL braided lines still to fit.

    The fairings were re-sprayed in their original metallic pearl white by Troy at MCR smash repairs in Tullamarine who's done a brilliant job.
    I ordered a set of new Decals through a forum member at www.rgv250.co.uk his username is snittle and his workmanship is spot on. I fitted the decals myself and although they turned out alright, the job took years off my life lol, it truly is an art especially when you have to make straight edged decals follow a compound curve on your fairing. Never again!! Wheels were powder coated by Mr Powder coat in Williamstown and the rest was done by yours truly.

    www.rgv250.co.uk is a pretty awesome resource if you're building one of these things, there's a wealth of knowledge on there and about 11,000 members eager to help. Theyre fantastic bikes and i'm glad to be flying the 2 stroke flag! I'll never sell her.
  2. Nice job!

    Very clean, I bet it's a bloody hoot to ride! :LOL:
  3. Indeed it is! As you would expect there is nothing down low, but once you're past 7k it starts to sound a bit angry, then at 9k all hell breaks loose.
  4. Ohhh, nice.

    Any idea how much it puts out. Gonna give it a run on a dyno?
  5. once it's registered i'll put it on a dyno and tune it. About 60hp at the rear is a fair guess for this kind of setup.
  6. Wow that is one hell of a nice looking bike! :grin: Good Job!

  7. looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

    My hat goes off to you sir
  8. hey mate great job i remember in the 90s there were tons of rgvs they are getting hard to find now..good to see another 2 stroke being loved...i just added a tzr to my 2 stroke collection which is in the proccess of a restoration
  9. They're rare now because you guys in the 90's crashed them all lol. I love those little 3XV TZR250's but they hardly ever come up for sale and parts seem to be a bugger to find.
  10. couple more pics. putting a new top end in the engine etc


  11. very nice mate, what's your user name on the RGV forum?

    I'm a fan of the banana swingarm :)

    I know a guy with a 3XV that wants to sell if you're remotely interested.
  12. I'm WG250 in the forums, and yeah i'd be interested. got any pics? details?
  13. PM sent.

    I recognise the username, just can't think of your posts there.

    What did you do with your old carbies? I may have a project or two that they may be handy for ;)
  14. Great work mate!

    It's a real shame so many younger and newer riders will never experience the pure joy (and abject terror) of riding a stink-wheel. :LOL:
  15. keep this puppy under lock and key! Looks fantastic!
  16. Nice! RGVs are awesome, I sold mine a couple of weeks ago and I miss it already.
  17. Yeh nice one, I like it a lot. That's my fav model.

    Well done.

    We'll certainly see you on the road soon then I hope;.
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  19. Nice and meaty but look forward to a twist of the throttle version :)

    Great work here.