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Suzuki RGV 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tomek, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. So just researching a few bikes that i could possibly get on my Learner's... CBR 250rr and the zx2r were my options but now reading up on things.. i notice the RGV 250 is also a nice sporty bike..

    Correct me if im wrong the figures noted down (doubt there correct)

    0-100: 3.7
    Top speed: 127mp/h

    would make it the the quickest Learners bike even though its a 2 cylinder... don't get me wrong i ain't brining this up because im a hoon or anything.. just want to read up on as much "CORRECT" information as possible...

    Any info, reviews or thoughts on the bike in general?

    Tried searching but no hope.. :cry:

  2. the rgv being not a learner legal bike (nsw at least)
  3. www.rgv250.co.uk

    Plenty of info on there, one of my friends has an rgv and they're not the most relable bike to ride it you're going to be commuting.

    Just be prepared to pay for constent repairs and problems unless your handy enough around engines to fix it yourself.
  4. It's only a 2 cylinder but it's also a 2-stroke. Probably one of the least friendly learner bikes (peaky powerband, requires much more maintenance) and only learner legal in Victoria.
    Edit: Some may say it's fine to start out on an RGV but statistically learners on 2-stroke 250s are 2-3 times more likely to die than those on 4-stroke bikes.
  5. Those figures are correct, it's a 2-stroke, the others are 4-strokes.

    Not really a suitable bike for learners. Plenty of hacked examples around, not so many honest genuine bikes anymore. Uncomfortable, poor tank range, more expensive to run than a 4-stroke, doesn't cruise well at 100 km/h, more maintenance needed, but great performance and light weight.

    A cbr is a much better first bike, and will probably make you a better rider.
  6. Those figures would be right.
    Its because of the gearing they get to 100 that quick and yer they will get to over 200 on the digi clock.... It isn't mportant tho, there built for cornering fast...
    I went from zxr250 to rs250 (rgv engine) and it is sooooo much more fun, the powerband is addictive and in theres alot more torque coming outta turns, completely different league.
    If you don't mind something that drinks a hell of alot of fuel compared to a 4 stroke 250, than go for it.
    Maintenance isn't too bad, but things (powervalves) have to be checked alot more often than something like a 4 stroke 250.
    If you do the maintenance yourself prices are not bad at all, but some things are dear...eg, powervalves, crank rebuild, etc. Powervalves are a known problem with rgv engines.
    If your gonna get a mechanic to do stuff for you, your gonna get a massive labour bill.
    In Victoria it would be the quickest learner bike.
    Problem with rgv's is that there all getting old and getting in need of some big $ spent.
    Thats why I got the Aprilia, and because it looks hawt.
    As someone else said check out the rgv forum, has real good information and download the rgv manual.
  7. I had an RG250 the RGV predicessor it was a hoot to ride , problem was it always wanted to rev and it seemed to sit just under powerband no matter what speed you were doing, it's very hard not to hoon on one ,I swear when your riding one it begs you to rev it ,,my opinion is they would make an awesome track bike they handle amazingly and they weigh bugger all .But you can get into trouble very easily and the motors need to be rebuilt between 5-10,000 km depending on how much you flog it .( I'd love an RG500 btw )
  8. I went CR80







    all 2 stroke.

    I wouldn't recommend an RGV as your first bike/2 stroke.
  9. ive been told the same thing.. i do believe that the first learner bike should be somthing of a good nature bike and easy to ride.... sure the RGV is a quick and good handle bike but if u dont know how to handle the power it could be a death trap.
    all my friends advise was, if u want a good sports bike get a cbr250rr
  10. thanks for the advice guys, yes most probably will opt for a CBR 250rr :)
  11. Hey Tomek,

    I bought an RGV for my learners bike and its awesome! The maintenance is only hard the first time you do it but then once your familiar with the processes its easy! I get about 200km from a full tank of fuel so I dont think thats too bad!?! Eventhough the maintenance is more frequent, I would say it would be cheaper for a rebuild of a two stroke than of the CBR 250 also. :D
  12. I wouldn't buy either. RGV isn't going to be learner friendly and most examples on the market either need serious work or won't be far from it. The CBR250RR is an outdated, overpriced junker. The design hasn't changed since the mid 90s and most bikes around are over 15 years old. So again you'll be dipping into your pocket.
    Get something that's only around 5 years old. VTR250s are a good buy.