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Suzuki RF900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2wheelsagain, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Hi. Does anyone have an opinion on a Suzuki RF900 as a touring bike? When were they last available in Aust? They seem to be reasonably cheap to buy. Anything that should be looked at closely?


  2. If you haven't already seen it there's a review on the mcnews webiste here. Very nice looking bike, wouldn't mind the smaller RF600 myself (uses the same frame).
  3. Oh and in answer to one of your questions, they were available here from 1994 to 1999, there was also a limited edition "Manta Ray" version sold in 1995.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Just checked the MCNEWS review and it sounds like its just what I'm after. I'll add it to the "growing" list. Would still like to hear from an owners point of view. They do sound good value for money as a used bike I just dont want to be pouring money into one to keep it going (anymore than anything else!).

  5. They were right up there on my list when I was last buying. An underrated bike by many accounts.
  6. Bought a 95 RF900 18mths ago it had 80000k, now has 112000.
    Purchase 81588
    Service $309.70 84700
    Rear Tyre $299.00 87100
    Brake Pads $116.00 87500
    Speedo Cable $35.00 87600
    Oil $9.50 88300
    Puncture Repair $30.00 88700
    Sprockets $157.50 89700
    battery $60.00 94800
    Service $565.00 95845
    Front Tyre $200.00 95845
    Speedo $150.00 95845
    Brake Pads $80.00 98200
    Chain $206.95 102520
    Rear Tyre $270.00 105100
    Steering Head $280.00 105100
    Clutch repair $130.00 105100
    Service $220.00 105100
    Filter, Carb Air $5.50 109700
    Cushion, Fuel Tank $6.00 109700
    Jet Needle 0-9 $110.00 109700
    Injector Cleaner $12.00 109700
    Spark Plugs $15.00 111111
    Oil Filter $13.50 111111
    Oil $40.00 111111
    Air Filter $42.00 111280

    OK so maybe spending 4k on parts and services in that time is a lot but it is my daily commute!

    It does >215kmh (100k in 1st), gets 16k/l city 20k/l country
    handles well enough for me
    only downfall is pillion position
  7. I had a 95 model for about two years and loved it. I changed the pipe and air filter to a K&N and retuned her. On the Dyno it put out over 120 Hp at the rear wheel and that’s before I did the mods.
    I found the RF900 a little uncomfortable for the long run but a nice bike and reasonably priced.
  8. I've got a 93 RF600 which I ride into the ity daily.
    Done a couple of long rides on it and goes well.
    Not quiet as fash as the zx12r :grin: but it never had a problem.
    Only thing I can fault with the 600 is it has a low seat height.
  9. So what's the fuel consumption of the 600 like then Brick? Interested to know if it's any different to the 900 given they share the same frame.
  10. These are the bikes I can remember owning
    GPX 750 R
    1000 Kwaka. Cant remember what it was called
    2 Honda CBR super sports
    Honda Black Bird
    Road A BMW is it the K 1100 fully fair'd thing
    to Mt Gambier & back
    ZZR 600 Kawasaki

    GPX was a long time ago, so OK,
    1000 kawa similar OK, Heavy.
    CBR's They are OK. Nice realy.
    Black Bird, not as good as the CBR's
    BMW K 1100 was bloody terrible
    RF 900, Fantastic & good fun at Phillip Island
    ZZR 600. Very good & quicker than most think.

    My choise from them. RF 900 with out a doubt.

    I heard recently, they can crack frames around the swingarm pivot
  11. I get around 220 km city riding and 250+ open road same size tank as the 900 but have to rev harder like all 600's to get away were.
  12. do you still have the rf900
    i am looking for some were the does the decals
    i have a manta ray
    love it ,but a little heavy
  13. I remember reading a long time ago that the RF600 got MUCH worse fuel economy than the RF900. Would be nice to see some real world data to back that up.
  14. Starting to miss the 600 (not really)
    i posted in jan that i was getting around 220 km city 250+ country
    My bike was well serviced and was running really well so what i posted would be close to what you would get from the bike

    I know there is a rf600 for sale at the bike shop next to work hmmmm maybe i will have a rf soon :LOL:

    have for the fuel consumption well I think that really comes down to how you ride the bike
  15. Worse mistake i ever made selling the RF900, Beautiful bike, So underated
  16. I rode one of these once. Beautiful torquey power delivery right through the range, but a bit heavy if sports riding is your thing.

    A bargain these days on the used market.
  17. Hi all and thanks for the feedback. As you can see by my profile I have one of these beasts.
    Seriously, buying one of these is the best thing I have done for a very long time.
    I'm a big bastard but the low seat doesn't bother me. A little vibey at the bars but at least I can feel the bike.
    Mine is a Manta Ray with Suzuki certificate, a pipe and minor tuning. It has stump pulling torque and I reckon with me on it 240kmh is achievable with equally good brakes. It was bought as a cheap tourer and serves as a daily commuter too. If I was more jockey size I'd punt it around the island no worries. The weight (220kg) makes them stable on the road.
    I get about 250k to a tank on the hyway but if I'm naughty that can drop to 170ish. It's hard to not "use" the grunt. It's a bike that allows me to ride like a 20yr old again.
    It sounds good and Mrs 2 wheels knows when I'm almost home. The looks are a little dated these days but I wanted something a little different anyway.
    Why they were not more popular I don't know. It seem half the population knows someone who used to have an RF although they are as rare as buggery now.

    Anyway, this bike allowed me to get back on the road at a good price and that's what it's all about isn't it!
  18. 2wheelsagain what number have you got
    i got No 50# great bike i think you could easly tow a car with it :)
    but a little heavy

    i get about that (220 before the res light)

    are you in melb 2wheelsagain?
  19. PM sent endless :)