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Suzuki release GSR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrewBytes, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Suzuki are releasing a GSR750, a new model to replace the GSR600 which I own.

    There's a pretty cool website showing the basics of the new bike:

    May not be everyones cup of tea but I'll certainly go test ride one when they come out. Continues in the trend of the original GSR600 with funky stand out styling. Personally I think the white one looks horn.
  2. Doesn't look half bad that!

    Improved styling job compared to the 600, more likely to sell to Z750 buyers now as well.
  3. Love the way it looks!
  4. DrewBytes, that is one great looking bike, especially in red. Looks very agressive, definitely test ride this one for sure. Much more appealing than its Kwaka 750 equivalent Thanks for posting the link !
  5. Suzuki sure likes that transformer look of late, hey.
  6. i think this is related to the street triple takeover thread. looks very aggressive and fun like the triple.
  7. without the S on the side I'd assume it was the kwaka.

    I really am getting bored with the japs constantly using an i4.
  8. +1. Thought exactly the same thing.
  9. Really don't like the front indicators, they just stand out to much
  10. They could have made it so much more. Is the frame alloy or steel it does not say in the specs. the swingarm look's cheap compared to the old model and it look's like a budget bike. The old model was a budget bike also but did not look cheap. I loved my old GSR600 as it was a great real world bike. I am thinking of buying another one for my wife as she thought it was a great bike also.
  11. Ehhhhh, reminds me of the z750.

    Not really my cuppa tea anyway.

    I wonder what they'll be worth? 12K?
  12. how much???
  13. Why not ring a Suzuki dealer and ask? They are being released here in April/may according to a press release I saw.
  14. i did!!! they wouldnt tell me... although they were ready to put one on order for me (and asked whether i was ready to to put one on order) when i asked the guy.. well how much is it he is like errr umm i dunno! but **roughly** $15k

    so i thought id give it a shot and ask here
  15. I was hoping it would be more around the $12k mark similar to the GSR600 it's sort of replacing.
  16. +1 for that. Specially on a naked. Trouble is every one expects Ducati performance at half the price. ](*,) And why I am keeping the Viffer.
  17. Doubt it'd be $15k, that's what I paid for my new B-King!
  18. yeah ... thought it was too much...
  19. Ducati performance? The Jap I4s tend to have a lot more (peak) power. They tend to have cheaper suspension, but they *are* half the price. And if you spent a further 10% of the price of a Duke - $2500 or so - on the suspension of one of the Jap bikes you'd have it to a similar or even better standard.
  20. Like IT :)