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Suzuki Recalling GSX-R

Discussion in 'SuperSports' at netrider.net.au started by presti, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. I got this letter in the mail today:

    PS Mine is a 2009 GSX-R750.
    [​IMG]Essentially saying that corrosion may be present in the brake pistons. I will ring up Peter Stevens Ringwood (my local authorised Suzuki dealership) tomorrow and arrange for it to be put in. They must have sent the letter to the bloke who originally bought it as it's stamped 6th November and they are only Laverton North. Spewing :( I need to get new discs, why couldn't they be replaced under warranty ;)

    Will update it and let you know how it goes. I don't really want to ride it atm after reading the possible issues :/
  2. Heard some information from peter stevens today. Apparently it is affecting 210,000 bikes from 2004-2013. Thats huge dollars for Suzuki! Mine is booked in next Tuesday. Anyone with a GSXR in those years without a letter might want to contact Suzuki and ensure they haven't been missed
  3. Got my letter yesterday. Mines also dated November 6th. I assume they are just replacing the master cylinder.
  4. Got mine in the mail yesterday also. This is for my 2013 750.

    Will call and book it in.
  5. Get them to fit a nice Brembo instead of that junky Nissin thing

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  6. I asked but they wouldn't do it :( I said i'd pay the difference but because they are just replacing the internal parts (to my knowledge) they won't change the whole unit.

  7. Thanks. Quoted here: