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Suzuki out of MotoGP 2012

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Rohizle, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Gonna be a small field next year... not a good thing. Thoughts?

    Suzuki's withdrawal drops the number of factory bikes on the MotoGP grid next year to 12.

    • Yamaha will again field four: Lorenzo, Spies, Dovizioso, Crutchlow.
    • Honda go from six to four: Stoner, Pedrosa, new Gresini signing Bautista and Stefan Bradl for LCR.
    • Ducati also drop by two: Rossi, Hayden, Barbera (Pramac) and Karel Abraham.

  2. This is indeed disappointing ;(
  3. 12 bikes ?!

    How can they call themselves an international formula with only 12 starters ( plus an undetermined number of totally uncompetitive CRT bikes ) ?

  4. I have to agree, and the people who've been writing the formulae and setting the rules over the last decade are to blame. Who wants to watch three riders with a realistic chance of winning riding in a field of 12?
  5. This is why Moto 2 is so fkn good
  6. agreed, and wsbk too.

    i will admit to not knowing a lot about racing in general, especially the behind the scenes stuff... but surely the people setting the rules could see this coming?
  7. That is sad
  8. The problem with moto2 is the fact that the bikes all have the same engine. I would prefer it being separate manufacturers building the engines. Coz that's what makes it a competition. Riders and manufacturers competing
  9. Sh1t indeed!!! Something needs to be done about this as the crowds won't turn up to watch 12 bikes go around!!
    Moto2 will continue to grow the support with the close racing and different people on the podiums.
  10. I knew this was going to happen and I called it - very soon it will be a two horse race

    I believe Ducatti will pull the pin one day and concentrate on wsbk
  11. I fear you are right, Tak; the days of Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and even for a year or two, Kawasaki, fighting out the World Championship, with a couple of Italian manufacturers occasionally throwing their hats in the ring, will never come again.

    With reference to Moto2 being a one-engine formula, that's so the emphasis is on rider skill rather than technology, although the graduates from last year's class haven't had much of a show, but that's because they are now in an 'open' class.

    What we DON'T want is MotoGp turning into a pumped-up Moto2, or, worse, and entirely contrived formula, like NASCAR on two wheels......
  12. Sh@thaus.

    Somethings gotta give. Will def need to hook up Foxtel for wsbk as backup now.
  13. So it seems the Suzuki scooter division has convinced management that racing is no longer relevant. Should expect there to be a follow on to road bikes then, if the weenies are running the show.

    There is slow but steady worldwide growth in large motorcycle sales (despite economic conditions) but Japan is apparently not sharing in it.
  14. there's a real disconnect, though, between the representation of GSX-x series bikes on the road, and them pulling out of MotoGp.
  15. Takamii, Ducati have already pulled the pin on World Supers. They are only 'unofficially' supporting Checa.
  16. Minglis had a thread recently about the plans for motogp. The rules that have failed to contain costs and expand the grid were created by the manufacturers who wanted to contain costs and expand the grid. Now the top man in Dorna is opening up the motogp class to a sub class with more generic rules. I didn't read all the article but Dorna are absolutely aware of the issues!
  17. Come on guys.

    Think about how much of an advantage this will be for Rossi.

    With one Suzuki out, he'll be coming in 7th now instead of 8th.
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  18. Ha ha...... Like!!!!
  19. Sucks!

    But the field will be Bigger now with the CRT bikes, so we'll have to see what that means for the racing, whether it becomes 3 groups racing, Factory, Client and then CRT bikes or they all meld in together is yet to be seen.

    I'm excited for next year, could be the beginning of something more entertaining!
  20. Bwahahahahaha !
    I don't hate Rossi but this is funny =D>=D>=D>