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Suzuki oil filter adaptor

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by vmaxer, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Suzuki bikes using spin on oil filters gives us a very limited choice of product to buy because of the 20mm x 1.0mm (pitch) thread used on the hex nipple coming out of the engine.

    Now there is an alternative adaptor available from Bales in the USA costing 15$ including delivery to Australia.


    Thread size is 3/4 x 16 UNF into the engine and 20mm x 1.5mm pitch.

    Search the web and you will find quite a few riders in the USA who have fitted this adaptor onto many different Suzuki models. Having a choice of using the 1.5mm pitch gives a much greater choice of filters to use and for me means I can use the same filter for both car and bike ie a WIX 51356.

    It also means not having to pay over inflated mark ups on OEM or HF138 filters as many alternatives are available from Repco or Supercheap, eg :

  2. Mate I'm getting K&N filters for my Suzy with the nut on the end pre-drilled for lock wiring and everything from the US for about $7. The adapter seems like a bit of screwing around (no pun intended)? I order 5 filters at a time plus some brake pads, maybe some tires etc etc. Cheap as chips and you're set for a while...
  3. Nice 1 Mr Luke, at least you are buying filters at a reasonable price from the USA. I also get ALL my filters from the USA, the adaptor allows me to now use the same filter for both car & bike.

    This adaptor can give multiple filter choices for other Suzuki riders, if they decide to get one of course, horses for courses as they say, damn good that having the choice is now made available by the Bales adaptor.