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N/A | National Suzuki MotoGP test

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by tim, May 27, 2013.

  1. MCN in england have released some pics and have a story on the new Suzuki MotoGP bike (1st link below)


    Some things I found interesting.

    David Brivio (former Yamaha) is leading the testing schedule for the new bike. He ran Rossi's effort for years so probably knows what he is doing

    Ezpeleta has said Suzuki can not come back as a factory team, they must come back in through a current CRT team, guess this is their punishment for breaking their contract a few years ago and dropping to one bike before pulling out.

    and and and Cal is being touted as a potential rider for next year on the suzuki..




  2. Exciting news, but I don't see Cal on a CRT bike next year.
    Even if Tech3 give him the boot for complaining he is too fast to be given the pass over by other satellite teams.
    Although I have been wrong before.
  3. I misread this to mean that the Suzuki would have to be a CRT bike. Good thing I read the actual article. What is sounds like Ezpeleta is saying is that Suzuki cannot come back as "Factory Suzuki", instead they would have to work with an existing team as you said, so it would be "Gresini Suzuki" for example. The bike would still be a prototype.
  4. Suzuki delays MotoGP return until 2015


    Well fcuk, didn't have high hopes but was hoping for at least 1 more factory team regardless.
  5. That last sentence says everything. Even when they do come back it'll be more of the same.
  6. yeah i was kinda hoping they'd come back next year too. hopefully they can be competitive in 2015.