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Suzuki Marauder GZ250

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  1. Daryll submitted a new showcase item:

    Suzuki Marauder GZ250

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  2. Sick bike bro!
    250's don't get much attention so I thought I would swing by.

    I did my time on a Suzuki 250cc Intruder. Sucked so hard....
    Now I am on a Harley Davidson XL1200x Forty eight.
    Let me tell you this... If you are set on a cruiser - get a Harley, there is nothing like it. I love mine.

    If you are NOT set on a cruiser and are young enough to risk going too fast - get a sports bike, cause you wont be able to when you are 50 years old...

    I am about to trade my HD for a sports as I'm only 21.