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Suzuki make GSX650F and SV650 LAMS ready

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by The Snout, Oct 1, 2008.

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  2. I'm tempted by the gsx 650

    I'll have to think about it
  3. Who's idea was it to come up with the letters FU after GSX650?

    Good idea though. If you can convert them back to full power once your licence allows you to (like Hyosung), there is no real need to upgrade for quite a while.
  4. They don't mention there whether it can be remapped once you get your full license, but you'd think so.
  5. I only got my licence 3 years ago ,and have had 3 bikes.

    If the GSX or SV was around when I was starting out ,I know I would of only needed a GSX for this whole time, saving THOUSANDS up grading and swaping bikes. :roll:

    The learners of today are so freaken lucky with the choices of bikes.

    EDIT.... I "heard" its the same set up in the UK ,once your off your L's and P's you buy the ECU for the standed GSX650F and away you go.
    Not sure what they cost ,but would be cheaper then up grading by thousands.
  6. And I guess shove the restricted ECU back in when you want to sell and it will still be LAMS?
  7. Not sure how it works ,but from what I was told with the Hyo 650 LAMS.

    You go to the dealers they de-restrict it and inform the RTA {local licence body}and you swap the rego sticker and papers to show its a full power 650.
    Not sure once its been de resticted if it can go back legally ,its some thing to ask a hyo dealer they would of done it , a few times already I guess if its legal.

    On the restricted bikes ,the rego in NSW will have a " R " on the rego label ,so when a copper pulls you over on a 650 with your L plates on ,they check the rego for the letter "R" it tells them its restricted for less power and learner legal ,the only way could tell if you have brought a after market one ,and did it your self is for the cop to ride it there and then . :wink:
  8. I saw on the Suzuki UK website that those guys restrict GSX-R 600s as well.

    Could be a real market for Suzuki in offering a buy 1 bike solution for new riders.
  9. Does this mean the GS500 is dead?

    If these 2 are now LAMS, what's the point of buying a GS500F, other than it's a bit cheaper?

    Could the GS500 be getting an honourable retirement in these days of Euro 2, Tier 3 emissions and all of that.........

    Oh well.......there will still be a tonne of them around 2nd hand. :roll:
  10. 'R' seems like an odd choice, even if it does stand for 'Restricted', given how that letter is used currently for 'race' versions...

    The Hyo is a change of carby slide, IIRC. I suspect it'd probably be a one-time switch from restricted to unrestricted, and it'll be interesting to see how they police it.
  11. Colour scheme looks different from the 650f and fu
  12. True that. Confirmed.

    Can you imagine the insurance for these sort of bikes getting even higher?
  13. they only come in blue? Tell me, anyone ever traded in a bike AND a car when upgrading to a new bike? Ie, do bike dealerships take cars as trade-ins??? (I have an unused car to get rid of!)
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  16. wow these look very nice! I would definatly have considered one if i was comming onto lams in a few years when you could pickup a second hand one.
  17. These are so new that a few of the shops don't know anything about them.
    From what I can gather they will be available in the next few weeks.

    Would you think the resale of these would be better than a 250 ninja further down the track?
  18. Most definately.
  19. Hmmmm, Are they LAMS'ing the unfaired SV650 as well?
  20. yup, according to the sales guy in Frankston Suzuki. I went down to check the unfared one out but found they only got the fax from HQ about them that morning. Seems they are 4 weeks away from getting them in stock.