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suzuki madness

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smiley235, May 25, 2008.

  1. The other day, some1 I know bought a gsxr 750 and they offered to let me take it for a spin. :-O. Now I'm still on my P's and was reluctant but eventually gave in to my desire and took it for a spin. This thing was so quick I couldn't believe it were true. My across seems like a BMX in comparison. Up until that day, the quickest vehicle I had been in was a modified r34 gtst. Even the fact that I was in the wrong gear going slowly at one point but it still had heaps of torque to still go, whereas the across would have failed miserably. And yes, I was to my embarrassment shaking a bit when I got off the bike. Anyway, its been 2 days since, and the vision of the event is still appearing in my head so I had to vent my glee in this post. And if the 750's go this hard, how much quicker are the 1000's?

  2. LOL, so what are you saving for now? :p

    I've got a Gix thou K8, the power is orgasmic :grin:
  3. imagine how you'd be feeling if you rode the far superior honda! :shock:
  4. :jerk:
  5. sour grapes? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. hahaha. no seriously, yamahas and honda are much better :p
  7. Nah, i've always liked the look of them and am hoping to be able to afford gsxr by then end of the year when I'm nearly off restrictions. :grin:
  8. Sour grapes?

    Nah not at all man, I've ridden all the supersport thou's and I prefered the Gix and the R1.

    Personal preference.

    Look at the stats of each of em and make up your own mind :LOL:
  9. good question actually, whats a reliable source for performance stats?
  10. i did.
  11. yep.. funny how the CBR1000RR has been the class leader in sales for the last 4 yrs
  12. Dont ya just love zealots :LOL: :wink:
  13. your kidding right? :shock:
    the blades been down on power from suzuki,kawasaki & yamaha for the last 7 years.they've only just caught up! and i doubt they'll stay there long..probably till about september,october i reckon. :wink:
  14. then why do they continue to outsell all the others..

    they must have something going for them besides outright power ??
  15. well, you see, i actually ride my bike.
    stats mean fcuk all, to the average punter like myself....unless you can ride the paper it is written on.
  16. Wtf? :roll:
  17. i think what he is saying that day to day ridability what does power have to do with it? very little if you can't push 10/10
  18. spot on james.
    it really is just personal preference, i simply dont like the other bikes in the litre class. i have ridden them all, and have educated opinions of each and every one of them.
    every time, for me, the honda comes up trumps.