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Suzuki M90

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by quik blat, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Well it has only done 500 klms but what a brilliant bike.
    I have ridden a number of crusiers but this replaced a Suzuki M50 so I'll balance it against that.
    First up the bad things
    The rear preload is way to tight. Im a fan of tight rear ends :) but crickey.
    second with all the marketing about tuning the exhaust note this bike sucks.
    Thats it, they are the only 2 downsides and both can be rectified.
    The bike is heavier than the M50 by about 100 kgs so watch were you park it if your not used to heavy bikes. I love the power, and like the M50 it needs a few revs to be smooth and 5th is really only required above 100klm.
    Cornering is very smooth and the pegs hit down a lot. Yes I know it is a cruiser and it was never built with epic lean angels in the design brief but, this bike does like corners so it becomes a more noticable limitation.
    Brakes are adequate by cruiser standards and the emergency slown down procedure is getting better as they bed in.
    Why choose the M90 of the 109 or C90 or similar?
    For me The rear tyre. Being a 200 section it really is no different to lift and manover at low speeds than the M50. Style wise and this is subjective.
    I prefer not having the radiator cowl and less chrome around the headlight! I prefer drag bars to pull back cow horns for a rideing position but I stand 6 ft.
    The other difference is the seat height. it is higher, you notice this straight away and it feels different. I have got used to it but i can't say if it is better or worse than any other seating position.
    For those of you looking to change up in the size of you cruiser, two friends have also ridden it. one with bugger all rideing experience but somehow licensed :) the other on bikes for decades.
    little experiance wanted time tooling round the block to get used to it and launching off for a short ride with out it really made him nerveous. the ride back the experianced rider now wants to change his 805 velousia (C50) for the C90!
    Ther will be mods for this bike and it is getting some serious klms put on it including a 3 day express to Proserpine in a few months so If you like I will add some more thoughts as I do them.
    It has already had a radiator protector fitted. This was done by Rob at ozzie moto. The M90 has a radiator guard so this is really just bling for the sake of bling but I love it. we fitted one up in anodised blue and after emailing Rob a photo he rang me a said he was sending another one down that was a better colour match! Photos of the new one to come. It looks great. a rear cowl is on the way then exhaust mods accent LEDs and i think some nice billet indicators. Luggage will be the next thing but it will need to be sizable and easily removable as the styling does not lend itself to saddle bags.

  2. Nice write up Chris.

    In terms of luggage, have you considered hard colour-coded cases like seen on many M109rs?
  3. I have but my first thought is the large bags that sit on the pillion seat
    some come with an adjustable back rest for commfy touring :grin:
  4. Keep us informed, I know I want 1 for my next upgrade. What do you plan for the exhaust mod? K-Drive saddle bags are quick release and the support is not invasive, no idea if they have a fitting for the M90 yet. Some accesories are appearing in the states at the moment for it. Check out the M109riders.com forum, they have a M90 section.
  5. with the exahusts I am looking to drill first as this can be reversed easily.
    I don't want loud but a rumble would be nice :)
    At the moment a pillon bag is looking the go. i don't use bags much but when i do its serious.
    here is a picture of the new radiator protector (new colour)
  6. That radiator guard is the nicest I have seen so far. Where did you get it?
  7. They come from Ozzie Moto. looking at 185 for the anodized version.
    You will need to remove the existing radiator guard from the frame takes about 1/2 hour all up.
    Exhaust mods are done 1/2 inch holes drilled in the baffle walls. This is not helping fuel consumption as it is polite enought at idle but sounds AWESOME under power :twisted: