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Suzuki M90.. I like it..

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Blue14, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Should i .... :twisted:

  2. i don't reckon you can fit another bike in the garage :shock: :LOL: go on i darn ya :grin:
  3. Oh there is room alright... :twisted:
  4. Thats pretty crap.

    Would be awesome in black though :wink:
  5. i'll take that zrx off you if you need to make some room for it
  6. That would require a name change.

    Mate dont go half way get the full 109 :LOL:
  7. I agree - Tim the Toolman would hang his head in shame.

    Go for the 109!. RR RRR
  8. Was wondering when you would pop your head in Pete.. :LOL: MIght have to take the both for a test ride.. :twisted:
  9. I thought we were over the cruiser thing :LOL: .

    But like Peter ,just go get the 109 and be done with it. :cool:
  10. Miss the old lounge chair.. :grin:
  11. Why don't ya have a look at the all new VMAX, only 30k :wink:
    I did the pre delivery and reg on the first 3 in the world last week.