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Suzuki M50 Boulevard - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by GunSlingerAU, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey folks

    Well, I absolutely adore my VN250 Eliminator, but you guys were right - I'm already itching for something a little bigger. It's been five months on the Eliminator, and I'd be happy to ride it for several more years, but I'm about to get a nice fat cheque. What better way to blow it than on a new bike!

    The thing I like most about the VN250 are its looks - I love the black wheels with the cruiser body. The closest I can find but in a larger class is the M50 Boulevard. I was wondering what you guys thought of this bike? And how much should I pay for it?
  2. $9990 ride away in last weeks paper (Perth)

    Do a search - you will find lots of info on here...
  3. It was $9990 ride away ages ago wasn't it? Surely they can do better than that. I like the C50s more than the M50s, but its a matter of taste and I haven't heard many complaints about either model.
  4. yes indeed

    They're all reliable, test ride as many as you can and get the one you like

    All the best in your search
  5. I know I know - but I'm glad I went for the VN250 to get started on! I'm in no hurry to upgrade, so if I start researching now I should be ready by 2011!

  6. There's more powerful bikes.
    There's bikes with more range.
    There's prettier bikes.
    There's more comfortable bikes.
    But I can't think of a better balance than this one.
  7. Mountaineer - that was almost poetic! Are you a writer by any chance?

    You've summed up what a lot of my reading has been suggesting, that the M50 is best in class. And yes guys, I've already searched these forums, but it's always nice to get a personalised opinion.

    Now to figure out how to black out some of the chrome on it...
  8. depending on what you want to black out and there is not much chome on the M50
    most of the external bits are chrmed plastic so a light sand and you should be right to paint.
    be careful thought the K8 is a black pearl with a blue base so changing things to black only will look a bit missmatched.
    the only downside to the M50 is a distict lack of performance bits. There is plenty for the C50 but most dont fit the M :evil: and dont trust suzuki genuine parts they must all think we ride C50 as well.
    Good to here you got a bonus I;m still trying to sort Tax. Hope i get enough back as I think I have found a sutible hypercharger and EFI module :grin:
  9. I am a big fan of the M50 - well balanced bike with almost no vices!
    Very good stepping stone into something bigger.
    Definitely not a sport bike, but will put quite a few 'sports bikes' to shame if ridden smoothly. Ground clearance lets it down when it gets really fast!.

    I had one for a year before stepping into the M109.
    But Tim the Toolman is my heroe RR RR. More power more power!.

    The best part of the M50 is that it will fit the bill as an all round bike. Enough of all the goodies to make you content.
  10. Except for the C50 :grin:
  11. I forgot my prettiness is the eye of the beholder proviso... :facepalm: :grin:
  12. the C50 is pretty
    The M50 is outright sexy

  13. Opinion only - and no, I don't own a c50 or m50, but every time I see a m50 I think it would be better off in a futuristic movie that involves someone trying to destroy the earth and at least one ninja turtle to ride the thing.
  14. thats why they call it a POWER cruiser :grin:
    the big advantage is that there is less to clean on the M50.
    I love watching my mate clean his spokes for hours while i drink beer and admire the shiny M50 that was finished a long time earlier.
    I t is defianatly not a traditional style and that is a big appeal for these bikes and why the C50 sell in bigger numbers
  15. M50 or C50, whatever appeals, but you won't be disappointed. I had lots of reservations and did heaps of research on these and the VN900 and in the end, in terms of bang for buck, the M50 won the day hands down. There lots of posts on these two bikes here so just do a bit of a search for further info.

  16. brought a m50 2 months ago, Cant get me off the thing.
    It is an awesome bike :D

    had a few hickups but that was all fixed.

    $9990 ride away? if that is correct go for it :)
    mine cost me $10850 ride away. Porbably because i live in Tasmania...
  17. 9990 being the advertised asking price.. :wink:
  18. My opinion of the M50
    Handling is good, engine feels reliable, range through the gears is ok, I don't think its a bad bike to ride, get a gel seat, 300k's and the bum goes numb, I would call it a good wife's bike.
    I rode it for my mates wife to get a few K's on it to get the first service in before 1 year, (2 year warranty) he has a 109.
    It was a bit differant to my bike (2004 Nighttrain) you sit up, dont have to reach for the bars, the legs sat fine, and for the price, a good all round bike.
  19. I think the M50's styling is an aquired taste, but mechanicaly its the same as the C50, and i reckon, for the money, they cant be beat!
    Go for it!
  20. I was at Mick Hone's today and both C50/M50 are $10380 ride away.