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Suzuki LS650 Savage - Where to get one?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Moochie, May 17, 2008.

  1. As the title states, would anyone have an idea of where to start looking for the LS650 Savage? Had a look in bikesales.com but there isn't a category for it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Interesting, when I do a google image search, the only examples I can find have all had a cylinder fall off, leaving a single pot.
    Must have been a really bad design. ;)
  3. They sold very poorly so there weren't many around when they were new.

    There will be even fewer left now.

    Any particular reason you want one?
  4. Since LAMs are coming into Vic. Was just having a look around at any LAMs approved cruisers over the 250cc mark. The Savage looked alright in pictures and I wanted to have a look at it in the flesh. Haven't read reviews or heard anything about these bikes. Haven't seen many cruisers in the Vic LAMS list so was hoping this would have been a good one.

    I have ridden the Virago and the EL250 for a day and didn't really enjoy the ride so was looking for something on the bigger side.
  5. Hard to go past the Yammie 650...heaps of NSW riders start off on them
  6. i agree

    i started on a virago 250, im to fat so i went to a xvs650 and it did the job perfect for me as i learnt to ride.
  7. It's a two-month old thread but I'll still add my bit; being a big singles fan, and there not being many cheap big singles around of the classic road sort (as opposed to dual-purpose machines) I always notice the LS whenever I see it for sale somewhere. I've seen ONE for sale in Victoria in the last year. There may have been more, but hardly any at all. It was a few months ago, on eBay, going for $1600. If only I'd had the money!.... Tried to talk my partner into it, but she went for a GR650 instead. With a bit of prettying up, they look like a fun machine...thump, thump, thump.......
  8. I was very rude above, singles can be great bikes.
    Good luck in your search.