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Suzuki Keys

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Why is it so hard to find a locksmith who carry's or is prepared to get in Suzuki blanks? I have tried all my local locksmiths.
    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
    How far do I have to travel to have a spare cut?
    I want one before I really really need one. :mad:

  2. It's possible. I got Across keys cut at a hardware store on Racecourse Rd in Flemington, but they are not Suzuki-specific blanks. I think they were meant for grille doors.

    Maybe bigger places e.g. Bunnings or auto-specific hardware stores?
  3. Most locksmiths should have a key blank to suit. Just do not tell them it is for a bike as they will automaticaly say no we don't have bike keys. I have had a Virago and an Across key cut at Bunings.
  4. Yeah it shouldnt be THAT hard. :shock: But it has proven to be. I'll give Bunnings a try next. Any excues for a ride! :?
  5. I had the same issue for my dr250. The guy actually ended up using a yamaha key. I got it done at Mitre10.
  6. If ur in melbourne, there is a place in heidelberg called norther lock smiths. This place has lots of blanks and i got keys for my suzuki done here
  7. The locksmiths I've been to have had a look at other blanks but no luck. Maybe the RF is different?

    I have the blank code so will start ringing around further afield.

    Paranoid about loosing the key now. :?
  8. Last time I had this issue was with my old 300zx.
    I ordered a blank from Nissan and took it into a locksmith and had him cut it for me.

    He wasn't keen - said he didn't want to take the risk with a $5 blank instead of his usual stock, but he ended up doing it... key turned out fine.

    so it might be worth calling a suzuki dealer and finding out what it costs to order a blank from them
  9. "idependant locksmiths" google for a location near u
  10. next time you go in to a locksmith, ask them to do a blank comparison, there are many different makes that are exactly the same blank, all they have to do is find a blank with the same profile (broaching- locksmith term :grin: ) if they are incapable of doing that just let them know word of mouth travels far, if they havent got the time to satisfy a customer

    james the locksmith hahaha
  11. Poser :roll: :LOL:
  12. hey what it one day i'll find out where you live already know where you work :LOL:
  13. We got a spare cut for the Across in Batemans Bay. The blank is a “Silca YH29R†this could be the same one you need. Or at least you could use it as a starting point.
  14. SZ10R required here.
    We have checked just about every profile in the 2 local shops. I'm calling back into one after work to see if they have been able to scrounge one up. Both shops have been good service wise. Just cant get a blank.
  15. If your east Vic as your avatar says,leaves pretty big scope.There was a guy who cut spare for my Bandit few years back at Carribean gardens Sunday Market
  16. genuine blank suzuki keys are about $20
  17. I've never had a problem with getting keys cut, I just go to the nearest locksmith and they cut it for me. I've had rare and imported cars, a suzuki bike and 4x4. I don't understand what the problem is, they just match up a generic blank and cut it I thought :?
  18. Well why didnt I think of that? I can now stop wishing and clicking my heals together! :p
  19. I'm opening a new business!

    I'll buy and post you the blanks at rediculous prices!
  20. How rediculous?? :)

    I think my problem is solved. Will post outcome tomorrow night.
    I've scored a decent ride out of this anyway. :grin: