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Suzuki Katana GSX750SZ Build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 69SIM, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    Didn't want to make this a showcase item as it's my brothers bike.

    This is his freshly rebuilt Suzuki Katana GSX750SZ. I'll get all the specs off his soon but for now, here are some photos:

    katana 1.

    katana 2.

    katana 3.

    katana 4.

    katana 5.

    katana 6.

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  2. katana 7.

    katana 8.

    katana 9.

    katana 10.

    katana 11.

    katana 12.
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  3. Yummy, the highly-prized wire wheel version!!
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  4. Your brother has done a fantastic job, it looks marvellous! I like that it's been done as an original re-build too. Thanks for posting the photos. (y) Now, an important question, SimonSimon; will your brother let you have a ride of it and if so, can you post some photos of you riding the bike?
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  5. Hey XJ6NXJ6N, I've been begging him to let me ride it ever since he showed me it in various bits two years ago when he was first starting to get organised with the two donor bikes he had! he has also said that once SibiSibi gets onto her full license she can have a ride too.

    He has the second bike which all it needs is a frame so he is hoping to build up a "rat bike" version for hooning about on.

    I'll post up some photo's and hopefully make a video when I get to go on a ride.
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  6. Excellent news! A Katana would've made me feel like I'd hit the big-time if I'd been old enough to own one circa-1981...
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  7. Lol even the biker crew used to call those the "organ donor" back in rsa.....

    Dig it!
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  8. Oh yeah for sure, they were the first production bike designed in a wind tunnel from what my brother says, I just remember seeing them around the early 80's and just thinking how space age they looked!
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  9. Ok, I have some "data":

    Year: 1982
    Length: 2250mm
    Width: 715mm
    Height: 1195
    Wheelbase: 1520mm
    Dry Mass: 228kg

    Max HP: 81hp @ 9200RPM
    Max Torque: 65,2Nm @ 8200RPM

    Four Cylinder, Four Stroke Air Cooled DOHC TSCC
    Bore: 67.0mm
    Stroke: 53.0mm
    Compression: 9.8 : 1
    Clutch: Wet multi-plate
    Gears: 5

    Front Brake: Twin Discs
    Rear Brake: Disc

    Fuel Tank: 22L
    Reserve: 5L
  10. Nice, I would have picked that for an 1100, with the wire wheels and lack of pop-up headlight.
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  11. Looks great! My uncle has two of the 1100s he keeps hidden away in a mosly private collection. Always love looking at them when I visit.
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  12. I have a feeling there is some 1100 in it somewhere, I think the other donor bike is the 1100 so I wouldn't be surprised if he's mixed and matched it a bit. He wasn't going for "concourse" so didn't worry about not using stock parts.
  13. Very nice
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  14. Beautiful bike . Even as a young bloke I couldn't handle the ride position tho .
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  15. Yeah my brother said he has troubles riding it when he took it on a test ride... being 60 and having a hip replacement probably doesn't help. I said to I'd be happy to ride it for him, free of charge of course ;)
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  16. They were the bike to have in the 80s. The kwakas were often faster, but the Katanas had the cool factor.
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  17. pssst... slip him my mobile number... there's a tenner in it for you...
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  18. Very nice indeed. I particularly like the gauge needles ;-)

    I tend to agree with the consensus that it looks more like an 1100 than a 750. Great work.