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newbie @ Sydney on a suzuki intruder vl250

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  1. ibby88, enjoy the bike,. It looks good.
  2. Did my time on a VL250 too... Loved it at the time, but it was a shitty bike.
    Would die when it got too cold, slow as hell - but it was my first bike so I loved it all the same.
  3. My first bike too - great bike. I also had trouble with it in the cold -frustrating! I contacted Suzuki and they sent me to my local dealer where they put heated carbs on it under warranty. They told me that they came out with heated carbs overseas but because of the Australian climate, they didnt think we'd need them here. Never had anymore trouble, it ran like a dream from there on in :)
  4. Wish someone told me that.... I had problems with my local Suzuki dealer previously.
  5. Yeah l was regretting my purchase for a while there. Everytime l rode it it broke down and it was brand new. I was sitting on a hundred k's on a single lane road, had a semi right behind me and it died, 5k's out of town. The local dealers didnt want to know. They just said there was nothing wrong with it. It wasnt until l contacted Suzuki and they asked who my local was and they contacted him and told him to put heated carbs on it. They knew as soon as l spoke with them on the phone. All good from there on in.
  6. Hmmm... Better than I got. I got "We are no obliged to help". Yes it was under warranty.
  7. Good luck with it. My wife now has my old 1999 Marauder GZ 250, which is a great bike. Will see in the heart of winter how it starts though. For me it was a great bike, so good luck with the Intruder, I am sure it can be sorted out.
  8. Just bought a 2009 model...My first bike but I already love it.....Want to get an Owners Manual.....Changed a few things, mirrors handle bars etc....Rides like a dream not too heavy for a learner with weak thighs....