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Suzuki Intruder VL250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ruder Intruder, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. vl250.
    Review for the Suzuki Intruder VL250.

    Now I have had a lot of bikes in my time but the VL is the first bike I have ever purchased brand new. It was staring at me from accross the dealers showroom whilst I had gone to look at the new DRZ400, upon closer inspection I could not believe my eyes that it was a 250! All shiny and low with the sexy tank mounted speedometer (read: cant see it whilst in motion) and swept back rear fender, it practically begged me to take it home. It also turned out to be much cheaper than the DRZ by a long shot. My main reason (like we need them) for purchasing a new bike was for a cheap commuter and the VL was going to fit that need just nicely. A quick trip for a mod-plate and removal of rear pegs/seat found me sitting on my new bike outside the dealer and ready to roar for the paltry sum of $7300.

    The motor ticks over nicely with just a hint of V-twin thump burbling out of the oh-so quiet exhaust (louder pipes are coming when the warranty runs out) a quick snick into first and I'm away. Bang....my foot hits the ground. The footpegs are set a fair way forward than the normal riding postion (quick look to see if anyone spotted me) feet firmly planted on the forward controls and I'm off into the traffic. The gearbox is firm and positive and each gear change is reinforced by a nice clicking sound that tells me my foot is still working. Finally finding myself out of town I wind up the little Suzy and it easily works its way up to the 100km/h mark with no trouble at all. The road I am on is one of the worst around but the soft suspension soaks up all the bumps with ease and the generous seat and my generous cheeks become firm friends quite quickly. The speedo is easy to read but requires a slight nod of the head to see it properly but I'm sure I will get used to it eventually.

    Now I have managed to put 2500km on it allready and I'm yet to fault it, apart from the odd nodd to see what speed I'm doing, and everthing is working perfectly. Fuel economy is fantastic at cruising speed (80-90km) but drops when pushed to keep up with highway traffic. The rear suspension had to go up a few notches to firm up the rear for my ample 100kg frame but still retains its soft soaking feel. I am now used to the forward controls and the relaxed riding position makes long distance riding an ease with none of the forearm pump/numb bum sometimes associated with more upright riding styles. I have purchased a small windscreen that cuts down the wind factor at highway speeds (bug factor included) and some smallish saddlebags just in case I ever want to carry a pack of playing cards around with me. (The Suzuki saddlebags are too small and too expensive). The VL has a generous 5ltr storage compartment under the seat for most of your carrying needs but a word of warning that it can get hot on long rides and my bugger your mobile phone if you leave it in there.

    For a 250 cruiser it works fine, its not a sports bike by any stretch of the imagination so dont expect to keep up with any of the sportier 250's or you just may find yourself in a ditch. Cornering is modest yet stable with a nice feel and it doesn't drop into corners at lower speeds which is a positive bonus for the learner rider. With the 12ltr tank I have acheived over 350km with the reserve at backroads cruising speeds (80-90). All in all I cannot fault the little Suzuki for what it is, a sweet 250 cruiser with just enough style to turn a few heads.

    Cheers....Ruder Intruder.
  2. Just found your review. I agree with all of the above. I think the Intruder is awesome and I also can't speak highly enough of mine.

    The speedo on the tank is terrible though. As a learner, I'm too afraid to take my eyes off the road to keep checking the thing. Might see if one can be mounted on the handle bar area until I become more experienced.
  3. How are you finding the windscreen? I am thinking of getting one but will only have the bike for a year so not sure if its worth it. I ride with an open face will it push the wind onto my eyes or over my head?

  4. nice necro bump :D

    Go test ride one and find out for yourself.