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Suzuki Intruder VL250 touring

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Ruder Intruder, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. wetlands Suzy 2.

    MM lookout 2.

    smokey 1.

  2. Hey, that's the same bike that I have! What year is yours? Mine is a 2007 and I LOVE it. I see you have been doing some touring on it, how did it handle the trips? I'm yet to get away on my bike but it something I would love to do.

    Tell me about the windscreen. Does it make a big difference? Mine doesn't have one but would consider one if it works well.

    And your saddle bags. Are they the Suzuki ones or after market?

    I just love my bike and she travels well.
  3. My girlfriend had an '09 model up until two weeks ago... an incident on a ride saw it written off involving a sharp corner and a Landcruiser :(

    BTW. She didn't break any bones, was only in hospital for 10 hours but is still recovering.
  4. I did read your posts regarding the accident Blaise. I bet that rattled her. How is she coping now? What type of bike would she look at getting now, as I gather her bike didn't survive?

    Before the accident, was she happy with the Intruder? I really do love mine but then again I don't have anything to compare it to as it's my 1st bike.
  5. Last i heard shes thrown riding away, poor thing :(
  6. Rattled, yes. She really did love that bike but not really my cup of tea so to speak. I have to take her to the doctor again on Monday as she now seems to have water on the knee with a level of associated pan.

    Well, yes and no goz... she's going to use the some of the money for immediate bills, wait until her family settles down (and she feels fit enough) and get something a bit bigger (but still cruiser-ish). Julia's long-term goal though is to get a Harley or maybe a Boulevard. In the meantime, there's always the back of my bike to hop onto :D

    If all goes to plan with me though, I hope to be riding a Daytona 600 soon.
  7. Mine is an 09 model and it tours quite comfortably, the windscreen is off a boulevard but fits just perfectly and cuts down the wind smashing into your chest at 100km/h, now it sends it just over the top of your head and when I have the top vent open on my helmet it whistles like a demon. The saddlebags are genuine Suzuki items but are nearly hopeless, they are more just for show as the underseat storage has a better capapacity, allright for gloves etc but the right hand one tends to heat up near that big pipe. I have done some long runs on it and it keeps up with everyone as long as the speed limits are adheared to....not often that happens though. Cheers. :-s
  8. I see you have taken the pillion seat off. Would the bags still work if the seat was put back on, making the bag sit up higher? That's good to know that the Boulevard windscreen fits the Intruder too, opens up more options. The underseat storage is great too isn't it!? Hubby is eyeing up how many 'bottles' he could fit in there. I have only been on 8 or 9 rides now, I'm very 'new' but I have done highway riding and I must say that she travels so well. I sit on 100 - 110 and there are no rattles or vibrations at all.

    Blaise - all I can suggest is let her get back onto a bike in her own time, if that is the decision she makes. She can still enjoy riding on the back of your bike, and who knows, she may be ready to get her own bike again when you least expect it.
  9. I think the bags are designed to hang over the rear seat as I had to shorten them a fair bit to prevent them touching the exhaust. I wouldn't recommend the Suzuki saddle bags because of their limited capacity, plenty of aftermarket suppliers have better (and cheaper) versions that will suit. I bought the Suzuki as a cheap commuter but find myself riding it more often because of the fun factor, lightweight and easy to throw around yet stable enough to eat up some serious miles in confort. 8-[
  10. Nice Pics!!!
    Sorry i know this thread is 2 months old, but i just joined and i am learning to ride on one of these beauties :)