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Suzuki Intruder VL250...Private Sale vs Dealer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Painey, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Just got my learners I'm looking at getting an Intruder, there are a few around both private and dealer.....

    Just looking to see what people think pros and cons etc.

    I'm from the country so we dont have alot of 2nd hand dealer bikes available....but can get one delivered from Melbourne for about $300. I really dont want to go over $5500-$6000 (incl rego/ins).

    The 2nd hand one that ive looked at doesn't come with any service history books.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Your post doesnt have enough info to give advice, how much is the one in melbourne, how many kms. Is it the one in melb that has no service history?

    Personally i would broaden my search and look for something local.
  3. Yeah sorry...It was the local bike that didn't have books.

    Private = 2005 Model 12000k Wanting $4000

    Dealer = 2009 Model 8500k Wanting $5000 +300 Del
    Dealer = 2012 Model 500k Wanting $6000 +300 Del

    Or locally I could get a Hyosung Aquilla 250 for $6000 ride away
  4. As it is a lams bike, i would buy the cheaper one, the year dosesnt matter and assuming it hasnt spent its life outside (look for corrosion) the kms its done is nothing.

    I would be trying to get it cheaper than $4k its hard for country sellers, as they dont have many buyers either and its a uncommon bike. Less buyers are bidding against you as well. I bought my ninja like this for abargain i would never get in sydney by travelling to the country to get it.

    The no service history. Is bad, but just get one now at 12000 and then its really only missing proof of the 6000 and the first.

    You are aware that the vl250 are good town bike but not that good above 80kmh, it will do it but not like it, if they wont let you test ride ask them to pillion you in a 100 zone to show what its like.
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  5. Thanks for the advice much appreciated