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Suzuki Intruder v Suzuki Boulevard S40 LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rebeldown, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. So let's hear it... your opinions!

    I am a beginner. I decided on a 2014 Suzuki Intruder 250cc LAMS (V-twin) however the guy at the shop informed me the 2014 Boulevard s40 650cc (single cylinder) is now coming to Australia! They're both sweet bikes. I've yet to test-ride and I like the Intruder look the best. I'm 5'11 / 85kilos. I'll be doing city rides as well as in the hills and some freeway riding...

    Please give me your opinions with reasons :) I am indecisive now that he mentioned the s40!

    Thank you
  2. The s40s got twice the torque. Enough said
  3. S40 unless they price it at 10k
  4. ok.. thanks.. I read somewhere the s40 isn't so great on highways? Of course there's also the Harley Street 500 coming too... though I hear it's gonna be pricey.. 11k-ish.. hmmm

    s40 is gonna be $7990 I believe he said.
  5. Don't know much about the S40, but most 250cc cruisers are typically not built (powered/geared) for sustained highway travel.
    The thumper might be a viable option, assuming you've decided against the rest of the bigger engine LAMS cruisers.
  6. BTW, if it's still only a 10L tank on the S40, expect to become very familiar with petrol stations.
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  7. I hear there might bea new kwaka cruiser with the er6 engine.

    That segment is getting interesting all of a sudden after years of only having the xvs
  8. Thank you. I'd be open to your ideas but not into anything overly heavy. I sat on the 650cc vstar and it felt massive. lol I haven't ridden in yearrrrs so I want to start out and re-learn on something small/medium ish.
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  9. this new Vulcan S? [​IMG]
  10. Fair call. It's smart to choose something you feel comfortable on/with. Just remember, that as we get better, most bikes tend to shrink under us. It must be a quantum science thingy...

    Most cruisers bigger than 250cc are 200kg+, simply due to the literally heavy styling. Even the Honda Shadow 400 is heavy.

    The SR400 is a good old school bike, similar to the TU250, but if you like cruisers, that's a moot point.
  11. Pretty sure the s40 isn't new. It was once called the Savage wasn't it?

    Oh ok. You mean the XVS 650?
  12. S40 has been around for many years overseas. Vibration is a likely issue and the engine isn't going to have a lot of top end. It's coming in on price alone.

    Both the Vulcan S (parallel twin) and XVS650 (V Twin) are likely to be better in the longer term with better resale. They'll be smoother but weight is an issue with any cruiser. I wouldn't let it worry you, the weight is low down and once you are familiar with the bike it won't seem to be an issue. The little 250cc cruisers feel great when you are either new or returning but they overstay their welcome quickly. At your weight and height I think you will find them cramped if you are on it for more than 30 minutes.

    If you have to have a cruiser I suggest the XVS650. Otherwise everything from a 2nd hand VTR250 to a ERn6L will be better options.
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    Thanks for your replies folks.. I really appreciate it.. And good point Kalkadar & Mick. Yes I've heard you tend to want to upgrade quickly from a 250cc. Anyone know when the new Vulcan S will be coming out and the price?
  14. Ok. Any thoughts on the new Harley 500 Street?
  15. The Vulcan S will be quicker? The XVS650 will be slower and heavier.

    The Street 500 isn't going to be available until after Jan 2015, Harley are only bringing in the 500 but will have 750 kits available. Our bikes are being sourced from both US and India apparently (that may change with our dollar dropping).

    There's a lot of parts for the Street 500 already and that is likely to grow. I'm not wrapped in the looks, I prefer the Iron 883.

    So if you are waiting until Jan/Feb
    • Vulcan S - should be quick and pretty light, not a lot of aftermarket support (price unknown)
    • Street 500 - $11,000+ orc, apparently goes ok but the brakes and suspension aren't fantastic
    • XVS650 - $10,990 otr, been around ages, 239kg and 39hp
    • S40 - $7,990 + orc, likely the slowest of them all but light
    For resale the Street 500 and XVS650 are going to lead. The Street offers considerable growth (increase capacity - the engine output of the 750 is similar to the old 1200).

    Lastly if you are on your opens (or willing to risk it) look at a 2nd hand Iron 883.
  16. Just had a look at the Vulcan S. How many bikes can Kwaka stuff the same engine into?

    Great little package though, if it slips under $10K. Being Thai-built, they should achieve it.

    I like the idea of all the dealer-tinkered adjustability for height, reach etc...

    Who said a restricted licence was a bad thing these days?:hungry:
  17. Speaking of Kawasakis from Thailand, can anyone confirm the rumours CF Moto 650cc bikes are closely related to the Green Team's products. Apparently some Kwaka parts fit the NK / TK.
  18. Is tbe s40 the dr650 engine? Thats hardly new tech.

    Looking at its specs i would say so.

    I would prefer the hd, especially if you get a us model before our dollar craps out and it is india only. That will help resale