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suzuki intruder bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bikechickadee, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. :wink: :? still on my first bike hunt!!! do any of you own or have ridden a Suzuki Intruder 250cc (cruiser style bike) what do you reckon?? positives & negatives I want to hear about it!! Also are they generally better than Yamaha Virago cruisers they look to me less plastic & better made but I have an untrained eye, as I am new to bikes....

    your thoughts on the Intruder as compared to virago 250 would be appreciated, thanks guys & gals keep up the good talk I enjoy reading it all & when i do buy a bike will come for a ride with some of you maybe you can surround me & keep the cars off my arse... they make me nervous!!!!! mind u my car driving makes people nervous sometimes!!
  2. The 250 Virago has a reliable motor.
    Used to be Yamaha's top selling bike in the cruiser class.
    Been in production a long time now, so all problems early models may have had have been sorted.

    Best thing is to type the name and model of the bike you are interested in into a google question...

    Yamaha 250 Virago reviews.

    Yamaha 250 Virago problems.
  3. Hi Sheri,

    I've been riding a 250 Intruder for about 2 years now. While i've never riden a Virago i can give you my quick review of my Intruder.

    Mechanically I've never had a problem with it. It starts every morning even when my nostrils are icing up. You'll get about 200km before hitting reserve on it's 9/12ltr tank, bit less if you're city riding. One downside is the mirrors are placed really badly if you're trying to filter.

    I'm 6'2 and not on the small side and the bike stays comfy for about 200-300 k's. After that it'll start getting a bit sore.

    In my opinion it's a fantastic looking bike. Don't be fooled though, everything that looks like chrome is actually plastic. Had me fooled, i actually used chrome polish on the headlight before clicking that it was also plastic ;)

    One major difference i've noticed between the two bikes is the handlebar position. Intruder is much more spread out which I preferred.

    Incidentally, i'm moving to Perth and selling my Intruder so if you're interested drop me a PM :)
  4. My father has the 250 Intruder. It's for sale, but seeing as though you're not in Adelaide then that's hardly the point...

    It certainly looked much better than the Virago and it has a longer range. However, the Virago should be a little cheaper due to a significant price drop when LAMS was introduced to NSW.

    I can't compare them too much, but I had a lot of fun on the 250 after my Hornet was in "repairs"
  5. The VL800 Intruder is a lot of fun........
    And its not plastic....:)
  6. I own a XV250 Yamaha Virago and personally love it. Mine has the slightly flatter handlebars, which I prefer. My partner and I were considering an Intruder when we were looking. We found a really good Virago going cheap, so we bought it.

    Things to keep in mind are comfort... go and sit on the bikes, try as many as you feel the need. Also, look at the top speed... my partner and I are larger girls, so we wanted to make sure the bike wouldn't struggle sitting at 100, and we would be able to overtake if it was necessary.

    We also figured that because the viragos are popular if we had to find parts at all it shouldn't be too hard.
  7. I own a virago as well and absolutely love it! I didnt get the chance to sit on a intruder til the other week (about 5 months after buying the virago). Glad I decided on the virago as I like it's more compact bits. The exhaust pipes dont stick out like the intruder making it easier for me to reverse it down the side of the garage past our 2 cars, the mirrors are positioned well and I like the curled bars.
    I found the oposite to you in the fact that I reckon the intruder looks more plastic etc than the virago. viragos have been around since the 80's whereas the first intruder came out in 2000/2001 (I think that's what the suzi dealer told me) any probs with the yammy would have been sorted out by now.
    Also consider the price, I was quoted 7,200 on road for the intruder & 6,200 on road for the virago.
    the specs are pretty much the same for both machines, weight fuel tank capacity/usage, length, width, seat height etc are all pretty much the same.
    The seat on the intruder is slightly bigger than the virago. the cc of the intruder is 248 where the virago is 249 (horses for courses there).
    Generally speaking they are pretty much the same bike, Not sure about the gear ratio though.
    It really boils down to personal taste, I personally dont like the intruder for a few simple reasons,
    1. the exhaust sticks out like the proverbial mutts nuts making the bike look lopsided.
    My closing advice to you would be to have a close look at both bikes and go with your personal opinion of which you like, after all your the one who will be riding it. I am 6' 2" and weigh about 86kg and the virago gets me around fine.
    I would love to upgrade to a vstar 650 one got full licence. as i said person likes/ dislikes are whats important for example with the vstar I would get the custom as I dont like the look of the classic.
    Good luck with your search and go with your gut feeling no matter what anyone says (I had quite a few people trying to talk me out of the virago for the intruder but i ignored them and got what I new I would be happier with) and i am.
  8. I've owned a virago 250 for only a few months having looked at the intruder - I thought the intruder had too much plastic "padding" compared to viragos compactness/lean look. I made the mistake of sitting on a 250 v-star recently. Longer and lower. More of a leg stretch. It just "felt" better. Virago has a terrific rep though so i'll probably save my money and go to a 650 custom
  9. the zstar250 is also about 2,000 more than the virago for more or less the same thing. It's interesting that you say there is more leg room on the vstar, I was told the opposite. I know it's longer than the virago but to me it looked like the rake of the forks. the instructor at deca recomended the virago over the vstar as well.
  10. Anyone looking at moving up and who likes the "cruisers" should also look at the new suzuki boulevard series. They are (in my opinion) the best of that style.
  11. Thanks to all of u that took the time to write down your valued opinions for me about comparing these two cruisers! Sorry I took a while to see it Have not been able to get on the net for a LITTLE WHILE. I really appreciated this and am learning more about motorcycles with each passing day!! Currently the toss up is between a lovely looking electric blue Magna V25 (Yep i know it is a GREY IMPORT BUT IS IN EXCELL NICK) done 17,300 kms it is going for or about $5700 on the road & a Suzuki Intruder 2005 model only done 520 genuine kms P Stevens in ringwood theywant $6200 on the road for it but my budget really is v stretched at $5500 & that is the limit because I need to buy a jacket helmet boots gloves etc and they cost a bit too!! I will let you all know how I get along & YES I CANT WAIT TO GET OUT FOR A RIDE I GOT MY LEARNERS BACK ON ANZAC DAY & IM WORRIED THAT MY SKILLS ARE FADING FAST!!!!!!


  12. PPS: i forgot to mention the Honda Magna V25 is on sale at A1 motorbikes in Ringwood & the Intruder i am looking at is at P Stevens in Ringwood

    I will let u all know which one I get!!!

  13. But Deca does have a partnership with Yamaha, so you have to be carefull when taking that advice...
  14. Sheri go A1 Motorcycles. And Deca be very biased..nuff said.