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Suzuki Intruder 250LC Starting Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Zidago, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. So, I have a brand new Suzuki Intruder, only 12 Kms on the odometer. I am having an issue starting though. This happens through out the day regardless of the temperature. So, after all the checks I press the ignition and all I get is the engine trying to start. It stays like this for about five or so minutes and then magically kicks to life. It is strange since I live Darwin, where the coldest it gets is 25c at night if we are lucky.

    The reason I am posting is that I am afraid it might be my error, or even worse, an issue with my bike. Does anyone know if the intruders will not start cold at all and I should always wait the five minutes before to heat it up?
  2. No answers Zdago? Brand new, did you get it from a dealer? If so take it back to them.
    Are you using choke to start?
  3. My missus has one. She does need to give it a bit of a rev straight after/during ignition. Kinda makes her look like a bit of a hoon lol

    And occasionally it takes 2 - 3 presses of the ignition. Her's is a few months old with about 3,500kms
  4. as cjvfr said!! take the farker back and get it fixed for free or show them what you are diong, if it is wrong, they will correct you! I would not leave the dealership until you can start it straight away without any issues..
    but thats me :)

    brand new bike, I wouldnt be impressed.
  5. Some bikes like to be started differently. One of mine likes some throttle the other won't start if I touch it.

    Go back to the dealer and see if they can start it OK and if so find out what they are doing and do it.

    If they can't start it sounds like a problem and so get them to fix it.

    If it takes a 5 min crank to start it sounds I hope you don't crank it for 5 mins continuously. You could overheat the starter and do damage.

    So what specifically are you doing? Fuel on or off before you try? Choke on or off? Throttle or none?
  6. So I took it back and they found that it was a minor issue with the bike stand and the way I started the bike. These bike won't start in first gear if the stand is down, but that was also carrying into neutral on occaision. It went into the workshop for about 10 minutes and I am now good to go.

    Thanks for all your replys.