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Suzuki Inazuma 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rookie41, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    I got my L's on Thursday and after a weekend of researching and thinking I've made up my mind.
    I want a Suzuki Inazuma 250. Earlier that week I was able to sit on one for about 5 mins and it felt great.
    Perfect height, seating position, everything's in reach and it's a 250 so I won't be doing 250km/h down the road after 2 weeks.

    Anyone have one of these and have some things they wanna share about this bike before I grab one?

    I watched many reviews on Youtube and I'm aware of the "not pocket rocket" performance of the bike.
    I intend to ride it after work and on weekends at first. Might take it to work once I get the hang of it and have completed the engine break-in period.

    I'll be walking into the nearest Suzuki dealer after work tomorrow and see if I can get one :)
    Looking forward to it!

  2. sounds great :] if you're happy with it go for it, they look good and have some good reviews
  3. Looks like a great little bike. I think u should ride one before u decide just to make sure it's what u are after
  4. Hi there Rookie41
    How did you go with the Inazuma? I am thinking of getting one and would value your opinion.
  5. Hey Davidk,

    I ended up getting one just over a month ago.
    All I can say is, I absolutely LOVE it!
    I'm glad I picked it over the chinese CFMoto's I was thinking of getting.
    Can't find anything wrong with my Inazuma, it's been great so far.
    It got it's first service yesterday (1000 km), set me back 235 $.

    I find it very easy to ride, seems very forgiving for Learners and you can open it up a bit and still be under the legal speed limit.
    It does go pretty quick when you want to (*cough* got it to 120 and it was still 2k revs under the red-line).
    I haven't locked the front wheel or rear wheel so far and I've squeezed pretty hard at times (I locked the rear wheel on the CB125 on the Learners course doing 25km/h ..)

    It's very quiet, it's great for cruizing around at low speeds and you can give it some throttle and it will speed up quickly.
    It's not a racebike and at 180 odd KG it isn't the lightest.
    Every time I ride it I feel great and I have a huge smile on my face.
    I took it to work a few times already and I prefer it over my cage any day!

    All I can say is, try and get a demo ride at the dealer if you can.
    I'm very happy with mine :)
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  6. I bought a 2006 Honda CBF250 and it looks like an older, less advanced version of the Inazuma and I love it too... There's a lot to be said for the little 250 nakeds... so easy to ride!

    I think the biggest advantage of these little bikes is that they're hugely confidence inspiring... When I'm riding a bigger bike I feel like there's much more work to be done or care to be taken... Even though the bigger bikes are massively more powerful, the little bike is just so... natural... that I actually enjoy the ride more.
  7. Hi Rookie
    Thank you for your reply!
    I am going down to the dealer to have a look at an Imazuma today. I am not looking for a race bike, just something safe that I can get back into biking again after many years absence!
    The Suzuki looks good, and solid too and at a great price at the moment.
    I will let you know how I go....I want a bike that is forgiving to give me experience and fun for maybe a year, then I can think about that Ducati Scrambler that I have my eye on hehe!
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    It's not a race bike, you sit up straight. Feels so comfortable to ride it.
    I can lean and feel safe, the bike has never given any sign of instability while cornering/turning.

    Have a look here : http://cycle-ergo.com/ and see how you would fit on the bike.
    I bought my Inazuma without riding it (crazy I know!), I only sat on it for a few minutes and felt really comfortable on it.

    The engine vibrates a lot less than the CB 125e I rode on the training course.
    But it's still a 250, so no superbike type power ;)
    It's good that you can rev it a bit and you're not doing 200km/h...

    My advice, go sit on it at least .. take it for a ride around the block if you can.
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    I still love riding 250's.

    A couple of months ago a mate bought a VTR-250 and wasn't confident riding it home from the outer hilly suburbs of Melbourne into the inner. I rode it in for him.

    Brought back all the fond memories of my VTR - I'd have another one in a heartbeat.
    Small, underpowered bikes really do teach you to become a better rider.
    They demand more finesse.

    Big bikes just go.
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  10. I had a look at and sat on the Inazuma yesterday and ordered one! =D
    So thank you for your advice Rookie.
    It felt great and solid....I ordered a centre stand and crash bars (hopefully wont need them!) too.
    It will be delivered in a week or too....then I can potter around my local streets to get used to the brakes and controls before I head out on a longer trip.
    The dealer didn't have a test bike but that was fine with me, from my research I know it will be fine :]
  11. Grats! and welcome to the club :)

    I'm thinking of getting the crash bar and a tank protector (sticker) soon.
  12. We still have a VTR250 - my missus learnt to ride on it. I wanted to test the fuel economy so I commuted on it for almost 2 weeks in the end. Loved it - 16kms of mostly 80kmh with lots of splitting opportunities. I enjoyed it enough to question using the Tiger for the same trip really.

    Oh and it used a little under 4l/100km. Go the 2 fiddy
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  13. Stop it.....

    Now I need to reacquire a VTR.....
  14. Hey Rookie quick question about the Inazuma....are there any storage places on the bike for gloves, phone whatever?, under the seat etc?. Also...does it need some sort of lock to stop it being knocked off...does it lock up securely?
  15. Under the seat is space for an L/P plate or 2 and thats it.
    Nothing else will fit there. It has no storage spaces anywhere.

    From the shop it comes with the default steering column lock which is about as safe as leaving your car unlocked with the keys in it :p
    I bought a front disc brake lock ("Xena" with alarm) when I purchased my bike.
    I keep it in a locked garage at night, often sandwiched between an car and the back wall so you're have to take my car outside first to get to the bike (which has an alarmed disc brake lock on it as well).
    It really depends on where you will leave your bike on what extra security you need to buy.

    Locked garage, disc brake lock will probably do. A chain with padlock thru the frame/wheel onto something heavy in your garage would be the safest imo.
    If you're planning on leaving it outside during the night or in a public area during the day I'd invest in the heaviest chain/padlock you can afford and slap a disc brake lock on it too. Make sure you run the chain thru your bike and chain it to something they cannot lift into a van or onto a ute.

    I'm looking at getting an "Almax Security Chain" and padlock for extra safety at home.
    I never leave my bike anywhere in public, it's always locked up.
  16. Took some photos for you:

    Under the seat:

    What I store under the seat:

    a L plate (could prob fit a few) and 2 cable ties...
    I removed the toolkit and tried to fit my gloves, but that wouldn't fit at all ....
    Take a backpack if you wanna carry stuff ... or get the box for on the back :)
  17. Hey Rookie thank you for your reply and the pics! :]
    It sounds like if someone wants to nick your bike they will have a major effort on their hands haha!
    My bike will be locked in a garage at night.
    I'll get a disc lock for when its garaged and for when I have to stop for a pee or a coffee (or more likely both) when I am out and about on it 8-|
    Shame about the lack of storage space but no problem really!
  18. Hi again Rookie
    Just letting you know that my Suzuki is being delivered next week so I am feeling ever so slightly excited!
    I will let you know how it all goes :)
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  19. Give us a shout when you have it! Should be any moment now aye?
  20. It's due here this afternoon :)
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