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Suzuki Inazuma 250

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  1. Midlifer submitted a new showcase item:

    Suzuki Inazuma 250

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  2. Looks like a good all rounder bike.. Better than most 250's on the market MADE IN JAPAN. not like most other japanese brands. strong motor, EFI, reasonable street appeal, looks sportier then a VTR or CB, Something that after owning surely will be hard to say I am glad to see the day i sell it!!!
  3. I was actually considering buying one of these as a commuter before I picked up my 2nd hand SV.

    They look like a nice commuter and somthing great for people to learn the art of riding on and quite attractive for a bargain bike IMHO.

    I've heard they have a peach of an engine in regards to fuel economy and expected reliability too. Not a huge power level, but acceptable and what you would expect from the package.
  4. I think in years to come these bikes will earn their place along side the other great 250's to get through your licence and commute
  5. Yep. I had made up my mind to go back to basics after my first bike (xvs650 classic) started to cause issues with my back meaning not much riding and loss of confidence. Sat on the Inazuma, signed the papers and a week later my test ride was my 25km ride home. As soon as I rode out of the dealership I felt at home on the bike. So well balanced and easy to ride and handle. Excellent starter and commuter. Lower gearing means you are always in control of what is going on and it is so stable at a crawl in the traffic. Haven't had to go above 90kph as yet but it happily hums along in 6th on the Freeway. Fuel economy is excellent with my first refill showing just over 3L/100kms or about 91mpg in the old speak. I'm very happy with it.
  6. Sounds fantastic midlifer!

    I have rarely gone above 100 on my SV anyways, so I could have easily settled with something like the inazuma (it even has the option of dual sport pipes if you want). The only thing I get with the SV is more maintenance, higher fuel cost but good acceleration at a higher risk to my license.
  7. I thought about changing the dual pipes for something more sportier or even a 2
    into 1 set-up but with a purchase price of only $4990 r/a the cost would have been a bit steep for my liking. The twin chrome pipes look good but you don't get the nice sound. Acceleration is the one downer due to the low gearing. No quick getaways at the lights cos you are changing through 2-3-4 and cruising in 5 at 60. You could sit in 4 but 5 feels more comfortable. It will loosen up a bit as the Ks tick by but I'm only up to 450ks so far.
  8. Almost brought one but could not test ride as their demo was out of action end up getting a 2nd hand 1000cc vtr to commute on... Hmmm. Might have a look into these again give us an update if you find any niggles or complaints...