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Suzuki inazuma 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 87crisis, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Thoughts guys? Not thinking of one myself but doesn't seem too bad and it's alway good to see new blood in the lams market if not beaten to it I will upload what info I can in a hour or two when actually at a computer

  2. Been on sale in Japan for quite some time, but wasn't aware they were being released in Australia. Or are you talking about grey imports?

    Edit: Never mind. Just realised they're slapping that name on one of their Chinese 2-cylinders (was originally used for the 250 and 400cc parallel-4s).
  3. Yeah hopefully pricing isn't too bad and can stop people buying those ****ing cb125e's that I cringe when I see 110kg blokes walk one out of a shop with a big grin on their face...I wonder if they lasted 2.....or 3 months until they were sick of them....
  4. Interesting article here (I particularly like the final part):

    At least as far as Europe's concerned it's looking like it's going to have the same power as the CBR250R (with a similarly long-stroke engine), and be roughly the same price as a CBR250R.

    What bothers me is using the name from this:
    (A baby version of the GSX1400)

    On something as ugly as this:
    Edit: Can't understand the trend for putting irregular angles in headlights just for the sake of having irregular angles, and slapping on ugly bits of plastic just so there's and excuse to fit expensive to replace flush-mount indicators.
  5. Agh! Put it back in the factory its not ready yet!
  6. looks like it was built for the 3rd world (and india)
    e.g. bajaj with the pulsar
  7. That is a fugly looking thing, reminds me of a bulldog chewing a wasp.
  8. Different - but same?

  9. Spot on. Built in China, but designed for India.

    Seems like further evidence that the GS500 will soon be killed off.
  10. Bit expensive at $6k Suzi. Go back and do your sums again.
  11. yeah when you get a gs500 brand new for $7500-8000
  12. :sick: Christ, if that's what the future holds, I think I might remortgage B Towers and buy every DR650 and GS500 I can lay hands on for future release to the market :D.
  13. The dr is getting killed off as well? ](*,). Guess it cant make euro regs.
  14. oh god. If i ever needed more reasons to avoid spewzuki.

    What the hell is wrong with a nice round headlight.
  15. Which as of next year will also be the Australian regs.
    Get ready to say goodbye to a few bikes. :(
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  16. I wouldn't buy one but they don't look that bad. There sure are some worse looking bikes out there.
  17. So many modern bikes completely fuck the look of their front end by using an odd shape or a fugly headlight surround, when a simple round headlight would look perfect
  18. As far as the marketing bods are concerned fashion sells which is strange when the demographic for bike sales is pointing to older male returning riders not so swayed by the look of this season. A few designers these days don't even ride e.g. there is a sharpie themed Victory Judge doing the rounds at the moment, the artist who designed the look doesn't even have a permit to ride.
    The counterpoint is a world full of aircooled v-twins that look like they belong in the 1950's-1970's.

    The market will decide, if no one buys the fugly bikes the look will move onto something more palatable.
  19. I don't know. Cars seem to be getting uglier and uglier not because it's what the market wants - but because manufacturers know how much more money they can make fitting headlights that cost $3,000 rather than $100.

    Bike manufacturers seem to be following suit. Gone are the days of being able to swap parts between models (and even between brands), that just makes it too easy for 3rd parties to also supply parts. So now by the time someone's copied a design, manufacturers have already changed it for no other reason than to keep exclusivity of replacement parts.