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Suzuki Hyabusa Turbo ... 499bhp hoooooooeeeeeee

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by patske, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Hey dunno if you guys have seen this one already much like the R1 turbo movie, I had to split it to fit on my webspace so it's cut a little short but you get the jist of it. Some people just have a death wish I guess.

    click here for the mooofie

  2. Ghost turd nope that thing aint even close to 499hp maybe when he wakes up he will realise its actually an Across in drag.
    Two reasons for this, 19psi turbo, black ice intercooler, 5 gallons of onboard water usually = around the just over 500hp. Secondly the pommy guy who built the bike chats on the 200mph forum also says the same.
    Ghost turds busa's only crackin 9-11psi and has no intercooler, the HP claim is almost as funny as when he reckons he broke 400kph what a d..k
  3. 500hp does seem a bit optimistic.. do you reckon 400km/h is that far off considering a stock busa does 300? i reckon it would be windy as all hell without the fairings though
  4. 2003 a hayabussa broke 400kph average speed on the 2 way run. 19psi turbo, black ice intercooler 5 gallons water and i am waiting on the exact hp figure but there guessing it was around 530hp
    This year the same chaps trying for 450kph average speed over the 2 way run and he reckons if he nails that by xmas 500kph.
    All that on a Hayabussa, why well thats got me fricked :)
  5. oh yeah Androo the 99 bussa did 327kph speed falls from there, now there stating on the 2005 busa top speed 286kph
  6. eeek 19psi on a bike .. unbelievable :D

    the 2005 busa is speed limited though, so it's at least 327kph + boost

    500km/h my gosh :D :D
  7. Guys, dont be so donw on believing the power these things can put out.... BELIEVE ME, IT CAN GET TO 500BHP.

    There was one seen where a GSXR1000 I think it was, was doing about 280km/h in top gear and the BUSA blew by, with little effort, wheelying the whole time......

    Look at it this way, we have a CR500 2-stroke MX/SM bike putting out +70BHP AT THE REAR WHEEL!!!! THis was with only minor mods.....
  8. Ive got the vid your talking about. Its ghostriders busa. Not only does it pull wheelies at 300+, but its also a naked. 500HP out of a turbo busa is not that rare these days. There is a crowd in Melbourne whos been doing it for years. Ive seen pics of a Busa thats claimed(by reliable sources) to be putting out 850+HP.
  9. Hehehe.....just downloaded the vid. Its the one I was talking about. Id believe that this bike is a genuine 500HP. Anything that can pull wheelies at those kinda speeds, especially one with no faring, is pumping out biiiiig HP.
  10. A stock Busa puts out about 160 bhp and does about 300k's, to do 400kph you'd need more than double that power.

    It's all about diminishing returns. :shock:
  11. hehe introducing the new kwacka z1300 ;)
  12. 850hp on a bussa, never heard of it and no one on most other forums especially the 200mph believe it's possible!
    That mob that turbo bikes here in Melb are based in Dandenong they will also inform you 500hp is not that easy to get to unless its a bench test and your willing to blow the block
  13. there's actually a bench test busa engine that knocks just on 900hp right before she blows to, but damned if i can find the link

  14. nos? :p
  15. Isnt your post kinda saying " i read it on a forum so it must be true!' ?? :LOL: How many naked bikes pull 320 k + monos mate? One would guess it takes a fair amount of grunt to do that.

    An across in drag?? i think that comment sums it up really :roll:

    BTW: care to point me to the thread about GR,all i could find was a few people doubting the speed he was doing,not about the grunt of the 'bus'.

    Edit: Ever heard of McXpress,ie the peole who built GRs Busa? Check their website,they offer kits for busas with 300 hp and another for 400hp+ :D
  16. Speaking of Ghost Rider..
    i got Ghost rider 3 goes crazy in europe..
    yall got the other ones.. wanna trade :wink:
  17. They themselves market 480hp kits. With standard block, pistons and rods.

    Heres a few site I managed to find.


    http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/kits/kit_Suzuki_Hayabusa.htm <235rwhp at 6 PSI!!! Imagine what 20PSI would do?




    Cant find details of that 850hp one that I saw a while ago.
  18. No he's not Ghostrider and never claimed to be but at least he can grasp the english language :roll: