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suzuki gsxr750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cbr250rr, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. hey everyone just wondering your thoughts on the suzuki gsxr750, is there much difference with these bikes as the years went on? say as in 01 to 04 models? what are the things that change on these bikes as the years go on, and also are any of the models better than the others?

    Thanks for the help much appreciated! :) Phil.
  2. I was talking to BLUE12 about this bike last night.
    I've heard you can buy the superseded model(still brand new) for $9990 ride away no more to pay.
    With a deal like that Im thinking of upgrading now instead of waiting 'til April.
  3. gsxr750

    that sounds like a really good deal where is that from?

  4. I'll ask Paul, I can't remember. :roll: :LOL:
  5. The GSXR750 has definitely attracted my attention. Even though upgrading is a long long time away this bike and the Daytona 675 have both received extremely positive reviews in the various sources I have read.
  6. holy crap, caz, from a 250 virago to a GSXR750!!! i like your style :LOL:
  7. Actually, I'm leaning more towards the F model.

  8. ok, rang about abit, got some answers.
    Seems i got my wires crossed.
    It's the GSX-F that's on sale for $9990, not the GSX-R. ( P. Stevens)

    sorry for getting ya all excited.
  9. I want one - just need a spare 16K
  10. I'd like a GSXR750, Happy to have one as old as 2000 I think. I think it's a happy balance between a 600 and a 1000 eh!
  11. The r is Suzuki's techno bike. Suzuki generally don't do a lot of changes from year to year on bikes, but the one exception is this bike.

    Generally every year is better then the previous year.

    Some people will try to tell you this wasn't the case from 88-94, but don't believe them.

    I don't believe $10k for last years r. The F maybe.

    They don't change the f much if at all.

    I can't believe more manufactures don't bridge the gap between 600 and 1000.

    I like the look and idea of the Triumph, but don't kid yourself. The suzuki, even a couple of years old will be a much quicker bike.
  12. definately a bike i was considering - more power than a 600 but more nimble than a 1000. IMO only bad thing about suzukis (pre 2006) are the colours are terrible.
  13. picking up my K6 750 this afternoon.

    The evolution between 01 -04 can be found here

    After riding the K6 though it was hard to go back to the slightly older models. Though for 10k that's a good deal... 6k cheaper than what I paid for a K6.

    The daytona 675 almost had me, but the rawness and extra punch of the 750 won me over. Both are ultra nice middleweight bikes tho... you'd have to be happy with either!
  14. The differences for the GSXR750 can be summed up like this
    01-03: big fat wide grinning headlight, 166kg, 142hp. 4 pot tokicos, usd forks, 18L (14+4) tank.

    04-05: narrow stacked headlight a la GSXR1000 from 2003-2004, narrower tank, seat etc, 163kg, 147hp, 4 pot radial mount tokicos, usd nitrided forks, 17L (14+3) tank.

    06: short stumpy exhaust firing onto the swingarm, 162kg, 155hp, BASED ON THE 600 (previous the 600 was based on the 750), yada yada. The modern swoopy looking one with the indicators in the mirrors.

    Personally, I used to own a 2003 model in silver/black and it was nice. The fatness wasn't to everyone's liking riding position wise (but I liked it). Not the bike for up here in Canobeera so I sold it and went to something very different.

    EDIT: They also rev a bit more as the years go on (which is mainly why they get extra power) 14k redline 01-03 (actually 00-03), 14.5k (04-05), not sure of redline on k6 cause I haven't ridden one :).
  15. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I want one...!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm with Haggismaen. I've read heaps about both the Daytona 675 and GSX-R750 and am leaning towards the Suzi.... Only 7 more mths!
  16. Hey Jitboy, I am also tossing up between the 675 and the GSXR750. What made you go with the 750?
    Would love to hear everything you've got to say about the two and how life is with the gixxer.

    I am upgrading from an Aprilia RS125, so quite a big jump! Especially to the 750...

    Cheers, Adam.