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suzuki gsxr750 1993 electrical????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by finplan, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Been having problems for a while with fouling plugs...get it going and it runs OK but wont start next time....new plugs solved problem for a time....took off carbs cleaned , checked etc replaced and balanced etc...still nothing...checked leads no spark on 1 & 2 cylinders....leads checked out ok individually...next took off coil packs....cylinders 1 & 4 go to 1 pack and 2 & 3 to the other...Packs checked out OK...clips ok..whats left??? has to be the Igniter???? Any way to check this out????? any suggestions or anyone else had electrical/similar problems with Gixxer....If its the igniter any suggestions where I could pick up a second hand one.....This is really pissing me off as this is the second ride day at oran park I have missed in as many weeks.

  2. Was there another thread the other day or did my answer not make it because of the server problems?

    The NGK catalogue listing for this bike is wrong. You need R type plugs.

    this is exactly how it presents without the R type plugs.

    Oh and it's 1 & 4 and 2 & 3 to respective coils.
  3. OK I'm running iridium plugs cr9eix which is the equiv of cr9ek...we have double checked everything once more and it now looks like the plugs...the iridiums appear to spark on the "inside" and not from the tip..I am going to get standard plugs and see what happens....anyone else had same problem or an explanation...the last 2 sets of plugs were iridium and low kms before they stuffed up...I didnt assume plugs because of low kms...we get plenty of "test" spark using a wire stuffed in plug lead to bike frame so ruled out igniter etc....i'm fcuked if i know
  4. Plugs

    Sounds like they're fouling. What fuel are you running & how old is it? Most un-leaded fuel has a shelf life of 3/4 weeks before it starts to go off. The fuel will work OK but it is not at its peak when it goes off. You're probably better to run standard type plugs as the iridium plugs electrode is very small & easier to foul.
  5. Check cam timing and valve clearances too.
  6. Thanks to all who replied with assistance.........It wasnt electrical....a mixture of Irridium plugs, petrol,carb balance, petrol tank filter and tune up.
    Petrol tank filter had some gunk in it restricting flow at times....Pissed off irridium plugs and running standard NGKs.....Petrol running was 98 octane manual suggests 91 only - now run 91........ carbs balanced and tune up .....all is well now.
    Thanks again
  7. Yeah these engines don't like the 98 in the long run. I found with the 1100 you could run the 95 and get a slightly better performance (compression ratio must be on the limit of 91).