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Suzuki GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mr_roboto, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hey there,

    Just wondering about the gsxr600, are they a good bike compared to the other supersport 600cc bikes? My friend tells me they are sh!t and that the only good suzukis are their 750 and 1000cc GSXR's, but I have no reason to simply take his word for it.

    Any info, links, experiences with the bike or comments would be great


  2. Your mate is full of shit. The GSXR is as good as any 600, bar perhaps the triumph 675.

    But what do you want it for? Trackdays, commuting, twisties, stunting, touring, 2-up, posing with the fooli sik brigade down chappoo street maaate? The supersports 600s are excellent for trackdays, twisties and (with some mods) stunting, but compromised for everything else, including showing them to ginos, who will say "maaate you shouldagot an R1 maaate."
  3. I want it for riding :grin:

    Commuting from uni and fun. Thats all really. Wont be taking it to the track, and not posing either. I don't really want a litre bike.

    I was looking at it because it has a lower seating position compared to the other 600's and the handle bars seem a bit higher. You know with the R6 it feels like your facing down hill, with the seat is higher than the handle bars?

    So, I was thinking it might be a bit more comfortable compared to the others.

    Think so?
  4. The 600's are all pretty good. Out of the them the Honda 600RR is the most comfortable for most people and the 2007 model is said to be the best 600 inline 4. There is also the Triumph 675 Daytona which you should consider.
  5. Have a read of this excellent review It is notable for two reasons: one, it was written on the basis of actually *living* with the bike for a month or so, not just taking it for a spin around the race track. Second, it was written by guys from netrider - the crew who have more trouble distinguishing between their bikes and their penises than just about anyone - despite that, they actually really liked this bike.
    It's a good read.
  6. cheers ill take a look at that

    Just looking at the daytona, it looks pretty uncomfortable. Like how the seat is higher than the handles...

    the cbr600rr was also on my list
  7. Btw, my height is 170cm. Thats why I want something that has a low seating position like the gsxr or cbr
  8. The CBR is known as the most comfortable of the bunch. You will only know by going to a dealer and sitting on the bikes.
  9. hey dude, i'm 170cm aswell. the 07 600rr and the k6-k7 gsxr600/750 definately have the lowest seat. good for us short asses! :p

    i had an 01mdl r6 for almost 2years and that was a comfortable seat height and handle bar positioning aswell, but not as good as the new suzuki and honda :)

    Im strongly looking at the gsxr's atm. i will also be using it for uni commuting, the odd track day and weekend/weeknight fun :)
  10. If comfort is a big consideration, then why not look at the CBR600F4 and F5 crently advertised in the for sale forums? Both are kickass bikes, a step towards comfort from the supersports, with pegs a bit lower and bars a bit higher. Last of the comfy sports 600s.
  11. I'm also looking at the CBR600F.. Looks like a nice bike, and comfy. '08 model. Also has decent power @ 110hp, which is similar to the cbr600rr.

    4000$ cheaper and cheaper insurance...
  12. If you're looking at the 600F, I'd suggest checking out the Triumph Street Triple for the same price...haven't ridden one but was deadset on one based on reviews and opinions until I came across a bargain K7 GSXR600 last week...

    Got it on Sunday and I have to say I'm more than impressed (mind you, I'm coming from a VTR250 so any big bike would probably impress me :p)

    I'm about 172cm and the GSXR is the comfiest in terms of ride height (I looked at the 07 CBR600RR too). I feel at ease as I can flat foot it, and so far feels very manageable for my first big bike.

    Just taking it really easy, don't think I've even taken it past 5,000RPM yet haha but it's already got more than enough power at that level (for my current skillset) and it is obviously a sharp handling bike.

    The CBR is probably a better bike in terms of power etc but to be honest I don't think I could actually tell the difference between all these bikes at this early stage of my riding career, so I went with the cheaper (used) GSXR which felt more comfortable and manageable for me personally.

  13. Not quite dude.

    Its a castrated cbr600rr engine.

    Output is 75kw, not 88 (15 % difference)
    torque is only 63 Nm not 72 (13 %)

    Also its made from cheaper bits, so insurance will be lower.

  14. CBR600F or CBF600? If you mean the Hornet, then it's -very- different to the Gixxer.

    The Gixxer 600 is a great bike. Plenty of power, but totally timid outside the power band, with super suspenders'n'brakes. I like it.
  15. MY gsxr is great, i ride to uni most days and its great for cummuting, also good for fun on the weekends. The bike has a slightly aggresive seating position but once u master the tank grip with the knees, its fine over longer distances.
    mind you, i have not ridden any other 600 for long enough to pass judgement on them.

  16. mild laughter,

    mines a 98, so only cost 5k, i saved and worked like a biatch to get that amount of cash,
    only went to 35% of uni lectures though.

  17. I have owned my GSXR600 for 7 years and have clocked up over 50000 kms on it. This is the most stable a precise bike I have ever riden. Although I have purchased a couple a bikes since, I have always made sure that there was room in the garage for the gixer. If a sports bike is what you're after then I can see no reason why you wouldn't want the GSXR600.
  18. choices choices

    Hi - it good to see this post as I am tossing up between a Honda CBR600R and a Suzuki GSXR600 (I like the word gixxer).

    My issue is I am an mature fella - 52 - so I figure a longer trip is going to ask for a bit of comfort - I'm about 178 cm tall and 93 kg. I really like the look of the CBR but the gixxer gets good reviews. decisions decisions ...
  19. hope you have a strong back at 52