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VIC Suzuki GSXR600 - St Kilda

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Jem, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Guy I work with had his GSXR600 stolen from an underground car park in St Kilda on Thursday morning at 7.00 am. Bike is stock standard Rego ID5LJ

    3 guys in a Silver Holden Rodeo RA 2005. They broke the steering lock and wheeled it onto the back. He has quite good footage from the CCTV.

    From the look of the footage they had scoped the site out before hand. They appeared to not care as there were other people in the car park at times and the just stopped and waited till they were gone and then continued on with the job.

    If you see one for sale cheap or cheap parts please let me know.

    Thanks Jeremy GSXR600.

  2. fcukung dogs
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  3. Its a shame to think of what that pretty machine might end up looking like, and the emotional impact of the theft. My bike is 20 years old, and not worth anything to anyone but me, but losing it like that would be like tearing out part of my heart.

    here's hoping he gets it back unmolested and the thieves are caught and punished...
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  4. Good news bike has been recovered and two blokes arrested.
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  5. What's the conditon of the recovery like?

    Lots of Suzukis getting nabbed at the moment.
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  6. Not sure but sounds okay he is going to look today.

    Story goes something like - coppers chasing guy on stolen bike, guy is stupid enough to go home, coppers get a warrant for the house and 6 stolen bikes recovered and two flogs arrested
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  7. Lets hope they actually get jail time
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  8. #8 Jem, May 2, 2016
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    hmm well not so good - just got back from having a look, front brakes disconnected and a few bits missing, seat gone and they have been in the wiring, ignition sheered of and taken apart and key barrel gone.

    To add insult to injury the tow yard wants $240 before they will release the bike, the cops may pay but trying to get an answer out of them is not proving easy.

    Bike is covered in fingerprint dust and exhibit stickers stuck on the tail; a very sorry site indeed.

    See my last post on the condition, there was a GSX 750 there as well from the same thieves.

  9. Insurance might cover the towing and repairs? But then it might get written off?

    My bike got found and was painted on different panels. The cu.nts clearly had no taste....
  10. Kill the dogs.
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  11. Insurance should be covering for all of the above costs but maybe check your schedule of cover and your PDS.
    I got covered for everything when my bike was knicked a couple of months ago.

  12. great news :) hope the f wits get locked up but not likely
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  13. Glad to hear the dogs got caught.
    Me personally, I wouldn't want it back after it's been molested by a low life scum.
    It's a tainted machine now.
    Get a new one and start fresh.
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  14. From what I've seen the first thing they'll do if they're going to ride around on it is spray paint it a different colour