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Suzuki GSXR1000 or Ducati 999s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lotus7, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Ok,

    Facing a dilemma in choosing between a Suzuki GSXR1000 and a Ducati 999s... both are under consideration as an 'upgrade' from an Aprilia RS250. Being 6'4'' with long legs I have not found any other full faired sports bikes I fit that are <200kg. Im not real keen on the busa/zx12R just for their size and mass.. and my knees hit the fairings/tank/both on every 600 ive sat on.

    So, what are the thoughts on a (new) 06 GSXR1000 and the current shape (2nd hand) Ducati 999s?

    My heart yearns for the Duke, it remains 'different' like the Aprilia and has that whole Italian thing going for it. Practical brain says the Suzuki would be a fantastic bike none the less and hard to pass up. Dont fit on the prior suzuki models due to tank/knee collision so would have to be an '06.

    Insurance is on a par for both - <10% more for the Ducati despite the significantly greater price.. Shannons by far the cheapest of the lot ive spoken to.

    If I think in terms of depreciation, both bikes probably on a par so im not too concerned about the greater price. Availability of a late model 999s may be an issue, an 05 would be ideal, ive only ever seen one for sale though..

    No Ducati dealer wants to hand over keys for a 999s, so closest test ride seems to be a 749s... Has anyone ridden both of these bikes and care to comment? Bike would only be for weekend/occasional use (I walk to work). Any other thoughts or things I should be looking into?


  2. I realise it's a bit of a hike but it might be worth giving Trevor at Online Motorcycles in Albury a call... If they don't have one they _might_ be able to organise one for you to take for a run.

    Unlike most of the shops in Melbourne, that I've encountered, they're more than happy to offer test rides and had a number of demonstrators when I was there a few weeks ago including some of the current BMWs and Ducatis...
  3. Oh, and...quite the dilemma ya bastard! :p
  4. I posted your question (cut/paste) to a colleague at work who just recently bought a 999. His reply is pasted below: I hope this helps as it comes from a very experienced rider of similar size to you. :wink:

    "Hi Nick,

    Have ridden both bikes plus the GSXR 1300. Have compared the GSXR1000 as well as the 999s (which I chose). The problem I had with the 1300 was that I could not see the gauges under the screen whilst riding. Additionally it is too long and low for serious handling. Besides that, the 1300 is the fastest thing I have ever riden or driven. The 1000 Suzi is set up for race and rides like that and being 6'1" with long legs makes riding difficult until you hit the curves. At this point it doesn't matter as you are hanging off it and I am sure you can tip it over further than the knee scrape - it felt very solid all round.

    The 999s felt better all round for me. It has up to 90 mm adjustment on the front wheel via the steering rake. This makes riding much more comfortable for people our size as well as the added bonus of being able to quickly reset the suspension tuning for the particular conditions you are experiencing. Mid range and the Duke comes into its own - high end and the Suzi felt faster. Mid range is really where all the real riding is done in my opinion (I love cornering), so the choice was a no brainer for me…"

    ps: I am with djkearns, what a dilemma
  5. gsxr for teh win

    dukes are for 40+ yr olds only.

    (and if i was me, i'd take the busa)
  6. Know a guy who was riding a 999 Ducati, he recently traded it on a new GSXR1000 and is much happier - it's cheaper to service than the Ducati and is (marginally) better at carrying a pillion (his view, not mine).
  7. Thanks for the replys.. especially the forward to/from your work colleague generalyuehfei..

    I think ill have to try and beg/steal/borrow a ride on a 999s in Melb so I can see if its the thing for me, even if im not over 40. I think Albury might be a bit too far to travel... After riding the RS250 anything else feels heavy - the busa feels like a small portable bus! Im only now considering the 4 strokes since they have been to Weight Watchers and slimmed down some.

    Yes, its a nice dilemma to have :grin: - but honestly these are the two bikes I can actually fit on. Kwaka and Honda both had major fairing/tank to knee conflicts, the Yamaha R1 was close, but my knees catch on the tank just enough to make it uncomfortable.

    Any other thoughts?
  8. Fifth Gear (the UK auto show) recently did car vs bike tests on both the Ducati 999 and GSXR1000. The latter being slightly faster lap times, on their track, with the same (ex-racer) journo riding them. If that makes any difference to your decision.
  9. I just insured the Viffer with QBE for $300 cheaper than Shannons wanted. Shannons was also Market Value whereas QBE was Agrred Value.
  10. apparently the R1 is a great size for taller riders, any particular reason why thats not a consideration?

    personally, i think the 999 has lost it. the older 998/996 looked BLOODY FANTASTIC but the 999 has gone backwards IMO. i would be inclined to say that if you can afford the duke, get it, but those clutches are nothing short of fcuking aweful to any bystanders so i cant imagine it'd sound any nicer while riding :LOL: steer clear of the duke for that reason only....

    what about another aprillia? that'd be the way i'd go if i was thinking euro (ie. if i could afford it :LOL: )

    basically, i think you cant go wrong with jap bikes. they'll all give you the goods to go set wicked lap times. but they're just not italian are they :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Buy the GSXR1000 and spend the $10 000 Difference on some marchesini wheels, braided lines, full exhaust, PCIII, K&N Upgrade rear shock, Rear set, Steering Dampner???

  12. This is going from my uncle who rides a 749's. Looking at the bikes the duke seems to be better made than the gsxr, jsut in fell etc, adn there seem to be alot of little touch's. One thing to look at is double check resale, as dukes do seem to hold their price pretty well. But maintence and things like that seem to be an issue, he hates it, as he was told it was going to be a little more than a jap bike, but since owning it, has always seemed to pay up aorund the 800 to 1k service. Could jsut be his bike though....
  13. go the gixer,k6 oooo so sexy. for some reason i dont like ducati. full black k6. mmmmm good times will come from that. 170hp+ is good
  14. The R1 was a no goer as I couldnt comfortably sit on it - basically with my feet on the pegs my knees want to sit above the tank. While im 6'4'' its mostly in the legs so the seat to peg distance can become critical.. Dont really like the bigger Aprilia's - and dont really fit on them very well so they were out too.

    Will have to see if I can find a copy of the fifth gear episodes where they try out the bikes - I know I had one with a Lambo vs a 999s which was quite entertaining... :cool:

    For insurance - I have the Aprilia with RACV, which was about 1/2 the price Shannons will quote me for it and had unlimited km.. On the other hand, Shannons was about $700-$800 cheaper for the GSXR and the Ducati, with both a bit above the $1k mark. I recall when I checked out the Aprilia that QBE was also more than RACV - but will see what they are like for the GSXR and Ducati as another measure point.
  15. just test ride them. we can only give you pointers on what to do. but your only 2 inches taller then me and i ride a spada, what bike do you think about more. good luck buddy
  16. I have this episode although probably too big to send via email. Can send on a CDR if you like. The 999 beats it by a nose :p

    Good luck as you should be happy nonetheless.

    Regards, Nick
  17. Have you considered the aprilia rsv?? Very sexy in black, although 810mm seat height may be too low for lanky legs :)
  18. I reckon get the gixxer Andrew - both of them will knock your f*cking socks off, but the gixxer will last longer, be cheaper, and easier to sell.

    And have a ball!
  19. Lotus7. I haven't ridden either of these models. However one of our bikes has the same engine - the lovely Testastretta a 998S FE and it is a beauty, I love riding it too, when I get a chance (he lets me sometimes), it is beautiful, the power is very useable, unlike a 2000 model 996SPS I rode once, which always felt like it was going to bite.

    My Husband describes his bike as the complete bike, handles brilliantly (Ohlins suspension as on the 999S is amazing, you do notice the difference), goes beautifully and looks stunning (our view anyway). I have ridden the 749 (By the way I am 180cm's tall with extremely long legs and arms and the 749 was quite comfy. But it didn't move my soul the way my bike does.

    The adjustable steering head angle is really only useful on the track. You will find it a bit annoying for general road use and unless something has altered dramatically between models, you can't lock the steering with it adjusted to the steeper angle.

    The 999S you are looking at, should also have a variety of features to suit a more ergonomic riding style, I believe it has several different positions for the footpegs and if it is a monoposto, the seat has different positions as well. I know this because I was lusting after the gloss Black 999S at the Bike Show last year and did some reading and had a sit. However the division of finances tells me I am dreaming.

    If you have to ask the question of yourself, don't buy the Duke. Buying a Duke isn't a rational decision, you buy one because you have to have one, even if you are under 40 as I was when I bought my first Duke.

    Good luck with your hunting. Go the Red Bikes!
  20. I say pick whichever bike makes you happiest!

    I have a few issues with most bikes being 6'3" and also alot of my height is in my legs; and i'm rather skinny so seat padding is also an issue. At the moment i quite like my current steed as it's a bit of a flabbier bigger previous generation (or 2) litre sports bike. The entire bike seems to be built for a fat American person, so everything is a little bigger than it needs to be - but the result is that i can comfortably fit on it with few issues. The tank notches for my knee's are a little annoying but shuffling back a few inches and hanging off see's them lock in nicely.

    The other hint is that if you really have fallen for one bike in particular, go get a set of rearsets made up for it to lengthen the leg room a bit. Only down side is it might load up your wrists a bit more.