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Suzuki GSXR1000 k6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lotus7, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Well, the deposit is now down... pickup this afternoon.
    Bit dissapointing in the limited colour range available in Aus - I think the black/red the USA has looks great. Of the choice, I chose Matt black to avoid the atypical blue/white (clone) and the grey/black that looks like a Honda.. Regardless, should be a bit of a change after the Aprilia 2 stroke.

    Now to plan 1000km so I can make the 1st service interval and put some goodies on it... Will update with thoughts + pics as I go for those who might be interested (or not).

    May be of interest to any considering this bike, provided your not planning to use it as a commuter I found Shannon to be significantly cheaper than any other insurer (by about $400).


  2. Congratulations on the new bike.. gotta say I'm a little jealous as the gixxer is one of the bikes on my most wanted list.

    It's a pity about the colour scheme, but hey what can you do, the matte black looks great anyway.

    Updates would be great.

    A Q about the insurance. I realise it's cheaper due to less use, but how does that work.. do you have to report annual usage (i.e kms)? And if so how would they ever know?
  3. Thanks mate.

    Ive had cars (and still have) on limited km usage insurance. Ive never been asked for an odometer reading, nor to make any kind of report - so I guess its mostly a matter of trust and the view of the assessor in the event of an incident.

    Of course, if you insure a brand new vehicle on an 8000km limited insurance, and 3 months in it stacks with 20000km... im sure they can do the maths.

    Planned mods include:

    Fun bits:
    Yoshi carbon TRC slip on (I dont like the look of the stock exhaust at all).
    K+N air filter
    Airflow tinted screen (somewhat 1/2 way between a normal and a double bubble - good for us tall blokes).

    Boring bits = Oggy knobs, tank protector.

    Should be fun :)


  4. Hey lotus congrats.

    I think you made the right choice on colour. You are right about the exhaust, I got mine custom under the tail like the R1.

    Have fun.
  5. K&N... well i hear BMC is actually a little better. I was in 2 minds when i brought my air filter K&N or BMC. Ended up going BMC. Actually to be honest can even really tell the HP gains except when the rev needle is spinning
  6. Look after yourself on that thing mate! Here's hoping you have a ball and it's a great excuse to visit Southbank on e Friday eh?
  7. First ride thoughts

    Well, ive just cleared ~160km on the gixxer... :cool: Here are some first impressions..

    When I picked it up I was wondering how long it would take to feel at home on the bike, expecting some time to adjust to the differences coming from a light weight 2 stroke. To my suprise, I was lane splitting within 1 block of the shop without thinking about it. This thing loves to tip into the corners - in fact, im finding it feels better than the Aprilia did - not bad given the tyres have just done their obligatory wear in km.

    Have to say the stock setup is very quiet - so much so that I find myself pipping the throttle to keep the cages alert in traffic. New exhaust and induction should resolve that! Still feels odd to not smell the lovely two stroke fumes.. In answer to the choice of air filters - im not so fussed about extra power (I seriously doubt I can use all the power it has now!) - I just like the sound of induction. Granted its not going to match the Lotus, but not much does :)

    Despite the obvious power, its an absolute pussy cat through town - vastly easier to ride than the aprilia (2 stroke) was. The power delivery is oh so smooth and supple, gearbox feels nice and solid on the changes.
    Having to stick below 6500rpm for 800km is going to be hard.. the engine spins up very fast. Touch the throttle in nuetral and it will jump up 2k rpm instantly. To break in the engine ive been doing the obligatory vary the speed game, which is quite fun.. especially on the freeway. Even in top gear, there is more than enough power to overtake at 100 without a down change. Try that on the Aprilia and you would be out of the powerband. Even sticking below 6500rpm and only using part throttle there is a degree of respect required for the power this think makes. Still on the first tank of petrol without hitting the reminder - which suggests its more efficient than the 2 stroke.. not bad for 3 x the power.

    In comparison to the Aprilia, the front brake doesnt feel as solid - im hoping this is just the pads bedding in, will keep updating as they get more use. The Aprilia had fantastic front brakes which instantly bit - the gixxer on comparison feels a bit soft. The rear brake has alot more bite on the gixxer however - perhaps due to greater mass on the rear wheel.

    Apart from the rocket ship exhaust, im quite happy with the way she looks (still no name yet). Spent a while carefully removing 1/2 a dozen stupid stickers (Always wear a helmet.. ok. Dont stick luggage in the fairings.. really?). One complaint here - Suzuki use some nasty multi layered stickers with a really thick adhesive. Eucalyptus oil helped somewhat. :evil:
    Apparently my oggy knobs and screen should be ready tomorrow for pickup, so will see how they add/detract in due course. The standard license plate mount is a pretty fugly piece of plastic, so might have to invest in a tail tidy... perhaps something in.. black? :roll:

    I suspect that something has been missed in assembly as the starter wont engage unless I put the clutch in - and thats when its in neutral and on the stand. So perhaps its not recognising that the gearbox is in neutral? Doesnt overly worry me - can certainly live with it to the first service but will report to the shop when I pick up oggy's + screen tomorrow and see what they think.

    Im very happy with it - big smiles all around. Uploaded a couple pics to:

    Friday night coffee could be in the works :wink:
  8. oh man that looks oh soooo sweet
    i will cant wait till i get my 1000cc
    and i like the colour scheme..
  9. Damn nice bike.
  10. Some bikes will only start with the clutch in, my GSX-R600 is one of them, I bet your K6 is the same.

    Looks great in black :) Well done
  11. I need to learn to read all the words..

    7thsin - your right mate.

    The manual is a bit misleading - it has a starting procedure which says ignition on, in neutral, hit the starter. I just read the rest of the page, and it later says you can only start with the clutch disengaged, even if in neutral - even though this is not part of the step by step instructions... oh well. :oops:

    See, the Aprilia didnt have one of those wizz bang starter gizmos...
  12. Noice.

    But i see what you mean about the muffler. It is fugly! Quick... fix it.
  13. scrummy. i like the copper coloured front forks, haven't seen them before, though not sure they work with the silver streak. i can live with the exhaust - kinda proportionate to the bike - but certainly sounds like you could do with something louder. happy travels mate :)
  14. Hey Lotus

    The only filter to get is the DNA filter as it a hundred times better. I got a brembo master cylinder for the front brakes and the bike stoppies without even trying.

    Dont change too much because the Gixxer is great bike standard. I never touch my 05 CBR1000 anymore.

    PS ALL SUZUKI GSXRs need the clutch in to start the engine. It is not a fault.
  15. Awesome work Andrew :) Those are one sexy bike. I think they are only second to one in the sexiness department and guess which one that is ;)

  16. i want a wine cooler in my exhaust to :(
  17. That exhaust is an eye sore. Take it off now and ride without one :D
  18. Re: I need to learn to read all the words..

    If the clutch/starter thing bugs you, you can wire it so the bike always thinks the clutch is disengaged, I had to do this on my GSXR as all the switchgear is gone, and the clutch switch is all part of the loom.

    As far as I know, tricking the bike into thinking the clutch is always pulled in, doesnt have any negative side effects, it's only used for starting the bike.
  19. Re: I need to learn to read all the words..

    so there is away to start the bike without pulling in the clutch??
  20. Hmm, I think I can learn to live with the clutch start trick. At least it will stop my mates from being able to work out how to start it :LOL:

    Suzuki seem a bit over protective - try turning on the ignition (without trying to start it) when its in gear, it gives you a check code! Took me a while to figure that it just wanted neutral, and there wasnt actually anything wrong at all.

    Picked up the oggy knobs. Bugger, dont have the right allen key size. Time for a trip to the store.

    Also saw dippy9's gixxer - love the exhaust. Will have to see what I can do...