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Suzuki GSXR brake recall?

Discussion in 'SuperSports' started by loubre, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Has anybody heard anything about a recall for a front brake master cylinder issue on 2004 to 2013 GSXR's? Rumours floating round up here but nothing concrete!

  2. Thanks, have several mates that ride Gixxers so can pass on some concrete info now.
  3. Bah farken carrnt
  4. hmmm, which years are affected?
  5. From what I can work out they're talking from 04 through to current.
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  6. Just a bit of a heads up. Spoke to my local dealer about this and they knew nothing about it. They spoke to Suzuki who confirmed. Basically same information as the recall website.

    The parts are being shipped from Japan (A fair few thousand apparently) and should arrive by mid November..... Though we all know about expected shipping arrivals. They will send a letter to all affected owners via the rms database and affected VIN's.

    In the interim they obviously don't recommend riding, though if you do, take it easy on the brakes. :LOL: I'm now contemplating upgrading to brembo rcs :devil: and selling the stock set-up.
  7. Related question:

    I (and probably quite a few other Netriders as well) own a second-hand (from a private sale) GSX-R affected by this issue. I'm guessing nobody will contact me as I'm not on any dealer's database, but I assume I am entitled to this fix too (maybe on production of a VicRoads rego letter or similar to prove I now own it).

    Can anyone confirm this?
  8. As I mentioned above, Suzuki should contact the relevant state roads authority and from them get the relevant owners details via all the affected vehicle identification numbers. They will then mail the owners.

    If not, call your local (or your favourite) Suzuki dealer. They will ask for your VIN and rego details to confirm and perform the repairs ;)

    I'm a secondhand owner myself and had no issues with my local dealer.

  9. This recall goes back almost a decade and is related to the front brakes. Crazy huh?
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  10. So this would affect GSXR1000 with brembos?