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Suzuki gsxr 750 k3 1st,2nd gear selections

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SLINGSHOT, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just wondering if anybody has come across a common problem with the clutch engagment between 1st to 2nd up or downshifting, and occaisionally from neutral to 1st or 2nd whilst staionary.
    The bike seems to like crash into gear.
    The clutch does not slip, could it be a over adjusted clutch cable?
    Or is there a problem in my gear selector?
    Could it have incorrect oil?
    Please Help.
    PS just noticed after a half hour ride gears now are smooth in operation.
    Must be oil related.

  2. change the title of your thread, from all capitals, and then we shall look at your problems...
  3. An over-adjusted clutch suggests not enough freeplay, which would cause it to slip.

    An underadjusted clutch suggests one with too muchg freeplay. You need around 1cm of freeplay at the ball-end of the lever. No more, no less.

    Freeplay is the free and unrestricted in-out movement of the lever (not the up-down movement due to the bushes being worn or the lever loose in its housing).

    A cold engine will frequently be noisy when the gears engage for the first few times, especially if thick oil (higher initial viscosity, say 30 vs 20) is being used.

    Then again, some people find when the engine/gearbox oil is hot that they also have noisy engagement. It is not a problem in itself.


    Trevor G

    PS Just make sure you have the correct viscosity of oil, the 10W-40 or 20w-50 or whatever that is specified for your engine and temperature.

  4. Hey, Thanks very much for your advice.
    Your right on the money! I'm sure now it's the oil.
    The bike is due for one.
    Cheers Trevor.