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Suzuki GSXR 750 1993 Water Cooled

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by finplan, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. :grin:

    I am looking for help to enhance performance of my bike. Most books start with newer models...There must be something or somebody who knows this bike and can assist. Also looking for racing fairings for this model. :cool:
    Location Campbelltown .
    I plan to do all work myself but am after suggestions.
    I will strip engine and rebuild... I am going to change suspension..gearing etc. I am after suggestions as to what components etc will enhance performance.
    Race fairings seem impossible to get and I may need to have a mould taken of existing plastics and special order.
  2. Good thanks, yourself?
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  4. I really wish you guys wouldn't do that.. it always makes me curious and I end up reading something totally uninteresting :)
  5. Re: --------

    What bike you talking of??
  6. Re: --------

    who cares, wanna armwrestle?
  7. You'd have a better chance against my wife bud. :grin:

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    sif you'ld be lucky enough to marry that.
  9. +1 Tanya.... but I've had a giggle though... giggle.

    ... i dunno about that wife though... I reckon it'd be a fight for the shaving cream in the morning... lol...
  10. Hahaha haha Rob crackup.

    I solved that by getting her to use depilatory cream instead. :grin:

    BTW, what happened to your website? :?
  11. ...website link was changed by the band agency... all fixed. Thx for the heads up...

    So what was the OP on about...?? Maybe it doesn't matter.


  12. Think of the moment just before she climaxes, you'd be petrified she'd crush ya bits when she started to convulse. :rofl:
  13. Where are you located? How much do you want to spend?
  14. I found saving a search on ebay to be best. it will email you daily with new entries for your bike.
    Be prepared for the rare stuff that way. i own an oil cooled model and i missed out on a set of fairings 9 months ago and havent caught any since.

    Enjoy the gixxer.
  15. mate check out streetfighters.com.au
    Most people on the site own GSXRS and know how to get the best performance from them. Mind you they will tell you to stick in an 1100 engine which is a very nice fit.
    And introduce urself first cause they will shoot you down worse than this lot.