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Suzuki gsxr 750 1993 Carby cleaning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by finplan, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. :grin: I need to strip down my carbies and clean them..I dont want to use a cleaner as I dont think they work...Does any out there know of any info re stripping and cleaning Mikuni 38's..This is also part of my rebuilding the motor..so if anyone can assist with hints and tips re carby and rebuild that would be very appreciated.
    Tony :LOL:

  2. If you mean a cleaner you put in your fuel tank, they do work, but will not cure chronic problems.
    If you mean a spray type cleaner, well, they work too! They are just a solvent, paint thinners is the same thing, and you can throw all the parts in a tub of it and walk away and let it work it's magic. DON'T PUT PLASTIC OR RUBBER PARTS IN THE SOLVENT!
    I've found synchronising the carbs on teh bench works very well, and eliminates the need to synch on a running engine. A workshop manual should have the specs for doing this.
    I have to do the carbs on the GTR, but they are a bear to get out, and so far I've been sucessful in ignoring it( for 18 months!) :LOL:
    Be sure to fit a fuel filter to the fuel line after you get those carbs nice and clean too.

    Regards, Andrew.