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Suzuki GSXR 600 k7 Maintenance

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by RSE, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyome,

    I just recently got my full license and purchased a k7 gsxr 600. The bike has 9000 ks and no modifications.

    If anyone could give me some tips, I am not very familiar with suzukis and I would like to know what I should do In regards to keeping the bike up to scratch. ( Spray the chain, top up oil on a month or weekly basis and what oil to use ) just basically how to maintain the bike well and also what to watch out for on suzukis. ( any particular parts to keep an eye on or check from time to time.. )

    Thanks in advance!
  2. if you're in melb a few places do maintenance courses. might help.
    • Check tyres once a week with a decent pressure gauge(don't use a servo one notoriously inaccurate)
    • Check brake pads regularly-pads are MUCH cheaper than discs
    • Service every 6000k's-12 months(what is done varies upon K's, for example a 24,000k includes valve clearances. All services will require oil and filter change however.
    • Lube chain every 2nd-3rd tank of fuel
    • Clean chain every 1000k's-or when it looks filthy
    • Adjust chain when required-nothing shags chains and sprockets quicker than no lubrication or poor adjustment(owners manual will have more details or it's often on a sticker on the swingarm)
    • Above all wash it often!, I wash my bike once a week and give her a quick check over, to check tyre pressures, chain tension and lube, brake pads and a quick look over for loose fasteners and stuff takes bugger all time and it can pick up small problems before they turn into big ones.
    Hope this helps, the info above applies to most Japanese bikes except for Yamaha who recommend a service @ 10,000k intervals. Personally I think that is too long, I would at least dump the oil and filter halfway.
  3. Firstly grab yourself a service manual:
    or even better purchase a legit one :)

    Oil for GSXR's is 10W40, dont bugger around with that, go by the book, Motul 5100 will do the job nicely.

    After every second tank of fuel check your oil (Do not let it run dry!! they do burn a bit), check your chain slack (oil if needed), check your air presure, check your coolant level.

    Chain can be cleaned with kero if you need.

    Every 6000K it will need a service. If you plan on doing this yourself it's not rocket science, its a bit of fun. The service schedule is similar to below, use the service manual! and tighten things to the correct torque or just under (bolts on these things are cheap and soft) buy yourself a torque wrench. (Do not overtighten sparkplugs! hand tight + a very light approx 1/4 turn with the wrench, the thread is aluminium, dont strip it!!! it should be firm NOT tight..)

    Repeat this cycle:

    - change oil
    - change filter
    - check air filter/replace if needed/replace at 18000k
    - check brake pad thickness
    - check disk thickness
    - check/adjust idle

    - change oil
    - change filter
    - check brake pad thickness
    - check disk thickness
    - check bolts are to torque (exhaust bolts, engine bolts, chasis bolts) settings are in the manual
    - change plugs
    - check air filter/replace if needed
    - check/oil/adjust throttle & clutch cables
    - check/adjust idle
    - check valve clearance at 24000k (requires some mechanical confidence, especially if you need to change shims)

    Every 2 years
    - Change coolant
    - Change brake fluid

    There are other bits and pieces (see service manual), but these are the main ones...

    If in doubt dont, ask first instead, look after your pride and joy!
  4. Thank you very much mate ! Great help

  5. Thank you!!