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Suzuki GSXR 250 or Car?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jaek, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Hi guys,

    I live in queensland australia and i go for my L's in around 5 days. Ive been looking around lately for a good used suzuki gsxr 250 and have so far only seen prices way out of my range (Im talking 9-10grand). Ive got a 6-7 grand budget for bike, and ive looked into buying one from sumoto world of 250's (Melbourne) except the trip down there is something i dont want to do litely. Also do any of you guys know the laws that are in place in queensland as to how long you have to be riding for on your L's to get your full liscence, or the fines that exist when u get caught riding on your L's. Its just i need to transport myself to work all of next year, as catching the bus is becomming inconveniant.

  2. Heya,

    You can get your licene right now with Q-ride. It takes about 6-12hrs.

    Here are some QRide providers;







    I did Ride Smart

    Where abouts in Brisbane are you?? You can come on some ride days when ya get your bike :D

    Lisa :twisted: :p
  3. Hey and welcome Jaek!

    I've heard some pretty nasty stories about Sumoto. I wouldn't be making any special trips down here for them.
  4. stay the hell away from sumoto. i think bikes go to crap just by being ridden past that place. avoid like a hole in the head!!!!

    honestly matey, dont spend that much on a first bike. spend maybe $5k on a zx2r or cbr if your that worried about status, and spend another $2k on decent gear. the difference in performance between a $4000 4 stroke 250 and a $8000 4 stroke 250 is bugger all. its all down to the rider really, i've seen someone on a GPX250 fly past a RS250 round reefton spur. its all rider skill.

    and forget about cages :D they all suck ass, you're on the right path buddy :wink:
  5. Jaek, I went to QLD from Vic 4 yrs ago with the intention of buying a bike while I was up there on holidays. I found that bikes were quite a bit cheaper up there than down here. I know it was a few years ago now, but just make sure you look privately up there before looking down here. Cos we HAVE to have 250s to start off with, you'll pay a premium down here for those bikes.

    Also, don't limit yourself to a particular model of bike for your learning process. Many different sorts of bikes will be suitable, so look around.

    Oh, welcome to netrider, too!!!

    :D :D :D
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  7. i'm not into bad mouthing people, but this is my opinion of a company... so dont hold it against me in court.. lol

    sumoto look great and their advert's seem brilliant.. i got sucked in and went looking at their bikes... they offer free gear and "cheap prices".. all sounds great but when i went looking they had ZX2R's at 8K and for a ZX2R that is WAY too high...
    the thing that got me was that i played dumb and asked wat year the bike was, he told me a 99 model, i asked again and said "is that the actual year it was made"
    he looked me straight in the eye and lied to my face saying "yes, it was made in 1999", i knew damn well that the bike was complianced in 2004, and built in early 90's... dirty bastard didnt even tell me a year that was relevant to the bike...

    so yea, thats my personal experience of sumoto here in melbourne... but as i said thats only an opinion...

    happy hunting and safe riding..

  8. Hey guys and thanks for all the welcomes to the board :D
    Although a suzuki gsxr looks mighty nice i dont think i should spend over 5 on a first bike, i think itd prefer a not-so-new bike now, possibly a cbr or something, itd still go hard enough :D. By the way im in Noosa on the sunshine coast not actually in brisbane.

    Thanks guys and if u see any cheap bikes for sale give me a bell on msn cache_ownz_us@hotmail.com
  9. hey Jaek, how about a VTR250? :D
    seriously, i think it will be a fantastic 1st bike. your budget is more than enough.

    seems like sumoto has got a bad stink eh? :-s
    i went to the one in nth melbourne a while ago. the place had a bad feel. it made me feel like underneath all that fresh new paint all the bikes are going to fall apart the minute you hand over your hard-earned cash and ride out of there.

    i was asking about a Spada and VTR250. Spada was for $5000++, VTR250 for $6500++. bah! [-X
  10. yup, thats exactly what happens. that goddam place should be shut down. the bike a friend of mine got was so far from roadworthy that i wouldn't ride it down the street. everything about that place is dodgy as all hell and you pay top dollar for it too. i'll say it again, AVOID LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD!!
  11. I second all of the above, maybe look into shipping cost to get it transported up to Qld may work out cheaper in the long run. Try Ray Quincy in Elizabeth St, usaually pretty good :)
  12. forget Ray Quincy tried to sell me an EL250 with frame welds broken suspect odometer & the smoke it blew when warmed up put puffing billy to shame! Oh but they did say they would give me a road worthy with it! You see they do their own!

    btw welcome to the forum Jaek
  13. Hmm can any of u guys fill me in on what the links at the top were about "u can get your liscence today" Like i have my L's but i dont exactly get how the courses enable meto get my P's any earlier, they just seem like normal riding courses :S?
  14. Ahh i just read through one of the sites and it says i can get my liscence if im 17, i already new this,the problem is im 16 years of age...i guess im going to have to ride to school/work illegally for 6 months
  15. not 100% sure, but i think that you banana benders have a thing calle 'Q-Ride' where you do some courses, pass some tests, and come out the other end with a full unrestriced licence! i think the courses are a good idea, but whatever you do, dont hop straight on a hot sportsbike. a mid sized twin maybe, but these inline 4s are fuggen DEADLY in the wrong hands. my old 96 600 hits 100 in first gear (and does it mitey fast too), and the newer/bigger bikes are leagues above that!

    you really need a few thousand kays on something a bit more forgiving before jumping on something like that. its just insane what some of these bikes can do :shock:
  16. I know this is a stupid thing to say but the power of the new sports bikes dosent really phase me. Any bike can be deadly in the wrong hands, its just how you decide to ride it. Like i used to own a datsun 1200 with a ca18det in it, that thing weighed under 1000kg's and had well over 160rwkw, it was crazy :> anyway any bike can be deadly i could just as easy kill myself on a dunga then on a gsxr, its just how i choose to ride it :>
  17. Jaek-Welcome to the forums :)

    Save the benjamins, get something cheaper than the price range you are looking at. The money you save you can put towards upgrading.

    Don't forget-on top of $8k you need gear & insurance as well.
  18. As the others advise, go for a cheaper 250 because chances are you will drop it. Amoungst my friends who are and were on Ls I can't think of anyone who didn't drop their first bike at least once. Though could just be because we are crap....
  19. yer, you can go easy on a big bike, but you have that ability right there at your fingertips. and when the flick of a wrist over a bump in a corner can send you into a 100 year old tree that aint gunna budge, you really do need a bit of practice reading roads and traffic and generally being on 2 wheels.

    i dont care how good a driver you are or how good a rider you think you might be, its a BIG fuggen step going from 4 wheels to 2. the world all of a sudden becomes a different place where seemingly insignificant details can cause you to make BIG mistakes. a high powered car is so much safer and easier to handle than a mid powered bike, you just wont beleive it till you see it.

    i dont mean to sound like an old fart here, i am only 23. its just that i've only just been through the learner stage and i can tell you that even with a few years behind me on the dirt, there is no way i would be alive if i had got the 600 right away. sure enuff you can ride big bike slowly, but you cant stop it from doing what its gunna do if you stuff up......

    oh yer, and 160kw to 1000kg has absolutely nothing on a stock litre bike. my neighbors 954 weighs 165kg dry and pops out 150+HP at the wheel. this is a stock, 3 year old bike! my 600 is near 10 years old, weighs 190 dry and (apparently) pops out 100hp at the motor, and i still would not let a learner touch it.......
  20. Yeah i guess so, i havent actually strapped on a road bike, 2 stroke dirties is all ive ridden and there alot different. Still im so eager to get on a CBR or whatever and give it a go, i cant wait. After being on the back of my uncles 996 bikes have taken a huge part of my life, Cars no longer phase me. Do you think this is reasonable, spending 6 grand on a second hand 250 and 2 grand on gear, i can afford the 8 all up. Also could i get a second hand gsxr 250 for 6g? Or what kind of models am i looking at for around the 6g mark. ta